Parenting Consulting

Parenting ConsultingIt is often said that parenting is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs that anybody can have. Children do not come with a manual. If they did, there may be a thick chapter devoted to parenting after divorce. Spouses are often at their worst during the divorce process and may be unable to see how the upheaval, stress and tension is affecting the children. Parenting consulting is used to make sure that the best interest of the child is forefront in decisions. A parenting consultant may be chosen by the parents and appointed by the court.

Children First Mediation Services

Child Mediation ServicesWhen you decide to separate or divorce and you share children, your top priority is very likely the well-being of your kids. You must settle many important issues regarding how your children will be parented after the divorce, including a custody agreement as well as the negotiation of child support. Johnson Mediation offers comprehensive mediation services to help families navigate the entire divorce process and move forward with a positive and healthy life. Our team understands how important your kid’s well- being is to you and we will make sure to put your family first every step of the way.

Parenting Help During and After a Divorce

Parenting Help During and After a DivorceEvery member of your family is impacted by a divorce. Divorce brings with it many changes that can be difficult, especially for your children. The way that you parent during this transition is one very important way that you can set your kids up to move forward in a positive and healthy way. This can be challenging, especially if you and your divorcing spouse have a relationship with high conflict. Your kids deserve the best from both of you and Johnson Mediation offers parenting support services to help you navigate this difficult experience.

Divorce Settlement Agreement Changes | Moving On After Divorce

Post Divorce Counseling and Support ServicesEveryone reacts somewhat differently to a divorce situation. Divorced parents with minor children will most likely remain connected in some fashion as they work together to raise, nurture and care for he needs of each child. Post-divorce disagreements can escalate and cause harm to the children if each party is not willing or able to put aside resentments towards the ex-partner and put the needs of the child first. Johnson Mediation provides couples with helpful tools and support services to resolve parenting conflicts or emotional issues that may arise while moving on after divorce. Post-Divorce counseling services at Johnson Mediation are provided by a professional mediator with experience in grief recovery solutions and mediating changes to divorce agreements.

Eden Prairie Parenting Coach Services

Parenting Coach Eden Prairie, MNJohnson Mediation serves many communities in the state, and if you are in need of Parenting coaching services for any reason, Johnson Mediation has the professional expertise and mediation training to help you. Divorce is difficult and if you have children, this difficulty can continue even after the divorce papers have been signed. You and your ex-spouse have to find a way to work together to parent for many years after your divorce. This can present many challenges, particularly as it relates to open and easy communication strategies. This is one area where a parenting coach can help.