Hiring a Parenting Consultant in Minnesota

Hiring a Parenting Consultant in MinnesotaJohnson Mediation offers parenting consulting to people navigating a divorce and who have children. As one of the leading services dealing with family mediation, Johnson Mediation has garnered a reputation as a knowledgeable, reliable, and highly professional mediation service. Among our specialties is Parenting Consulting, which is an important complement to divorce mediation for couples who have children. Our parenting consultant services help divorcing parents maintain their focus on the long-term welfare of their kids. Children, after all, are the most…

Experienced Divorce Coach Chanhassen, MN

Experienced Divorce Coach Near Chanhassen, MN | Divorce Coaching ServicesDivorce is an extremely difficult and stressful time for most individuals. It is even often listed as one of the top 5 most stressful life events. If you and your spouse have decided it is time for divorce, it may be a good opportunity to consider what type of support you need to get through this challenging time. One little known source of support during a divorce can be a divorce coach. Unlike a divorce attorney, a divorce coach does NOT offer legal advice. A divorce coach can be used in addition to or instead of a divorce lawyer and…

Male Preferred Divorce Mediation

Male Prefered Divorce MediationJust as is often the case when choosing a physician or dentist, some people connect better with a male mediator or a female mediator to resolve divorce issues. Divorce mediation has become more popular in recent years as a way to work through complex divorce issues without the conflict, time, stress and cost of traditional divorce litigation. For male preferred divorce mediation services, Jeff Johnson of Johnson Mediation is highly qualified as an experienced divorce mediator. Comprehensive divorce mediation services can assist with a wide range of issues that may come up during or after the divorce process. Your mediation sessions could cover topics including child support, division of assets, spousal support and parenting plans.

What Is Involved in a Social Early Neutral Evaluation?

Social Early Neutral EvaluationsDivorce is difficult for all involved – and when there are children involved this difficulty is compounded. Often, when custody issues cannot be resolved easily, a judge may decide to refer the case for what is called a Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE) process that is a confidential and relatively quick way to resolve the custody dispute. This process uses two professionals, generally one man and one woman. One of the professionals is a lawyer and the other a child specialist. Johnson Mediation offers comprehensive divorce mediation services and can complete a Social Early Neutral Evaluation when requested by the court system.

Financial Early Neutral Evaluation Company

Financial Early Neutral Evaluation CompanyA Financial Early Neutral Evaluation is a voluntary process that seeks to resolve and reduce the length and expense of prolonged court proceedings. These evaluations are similar to medication because it is an alternative form of divorce compared the typically hiring an attorney and going into litigation. These are sometimes preferred because they are non-binding and voluntary.

The biggest difference between mediation and a FENE is that with mediation, the mediator will attempt to have the parties reach a solution, without giving an evaluation of their case. When you choose to take the route of an evaluation, you take a quick evaluation and based on limited arguments and facts from both parties you make a goal to reach a resolution surrounding your financial issues.

How Do I Know What I’m Agreeing to In My Divorce Agreement is Fair?

Achieving a Fair Divorce Settlement-in-MNWhen you and your spouse got married, likely the last thing on your mind is how you might split your assets, property and time spent with your children if you decide to divorce. You likely lived the majority of your married life with little regard for what belonged to whom. But once you and your partner decide that going your separate ways is the best path forward, your attention suddenly turns to dividing all aspects of your intertwined life together. This is extremely difficult for all involved and it becomes very easy to be concerned about whether what you are agreeing to in the divorce settlement is fair. The team at Johnson Mediation can help you navigate the divorce process and ensure that the settlement you reach is fair, consistent and benefits all involved.