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Comprehensive Mediation Resources in Minnesota

Comprehensive Mediation Resources in MinnesotaDivorce is one of those things that you hope never to have to navigate. However, many of us end up realizing that our marriage cannot move forward in a healthy way, so divorce becomes an unfortunate reality. The divorce process itself is unfamiliar and can be overwhelming and extremely stressful. It is certainly not something you would ever want to become an expert on. Over the last decade or two, divorce mediation has become a more popular option for resolving the terms of a divorce because it is less expensive and takes less time than litigation. In addition, it gives the couple the chance to make decisions for their own family, rather than putting that power in…

Settle Your Divorce With Less Conflict

Settle Your Divorce With Less ConflictEach divorce is unique – and part of what adds to the individual nature of divorce is the complexity of each case. This complexity can come in many forms. Your divorce may be complicated because of the intense conflict between you and your spouse, the inability for productive communication, or it can be related to financial issues including joint property, assets and debt. No matter how complicated your divorce, you have options when it comes to how to settle the terms of your divorce. Just because your divorce is complicated does not mean that you have to

End Your Marriage on Your Own Terms

First Things To Do For A Divorce And WhyThe stress of the times we are now living through may make us think that our world is no longer capable of innovation or improvement. Our patience has worn thin with bad customer service, and many customer service professionals have lost patience with customers who seem intent on picking a fight with them. Life just seems harder for most of us these days, and that is perhaps even more starkly true for couples who have decided that they have no other choice but to proceed through the divorce process. Fortunately for couples who live in Minnesota, divorce mediation represents a notable exception to the idea that innovation and improvement is a lost art in our country. Johnson Mediation provides divorce mediation services, and some relief, for couples who have decided to divorce.

Focusing on your Future after Divorce

Focusing on your Future after DivorceThe divorce process is all consuming and likely is the culmination of many months or years of high conflict and unhappiness. Once you make the decision to divorce, it can be difficult to see past the process, as the divorce process itself can take many months, especially if you go through the courts. Johnson Mediation offers an alternative to this model of a long, drawn-out process. Divorce mediation allows you to see past the divorce process to your future. Focusing on your future and your family, rather than the pain of your past can give you the strength you need to take those final steps through the process.

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Online Divorce Support Services In Minnesota

Online Divorce Support Services In MinnesotaThere are countless divorce statistics that you can find online if you do a quick search: Nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce. Over 40% of first marriages end in divorce. Based on data from the US Census, both marriages and divorces are down in the US. Nevada has the highest divorce rate and Illinois has the lowest divorce rate among US states

But statistics are not always that useful – they can show trends, but certainly do not represent an individual situation. Statisticians gather and measure data about a certain thing and analyze

How Long does it take to Finalize a Divorce?

How Long does it take to Finalize a Divorce? | Divorce Mediator MNThe length of the divorce process varies widely. Because every divorce is unique and filled with individual issues and concerns, the length of time to finalize a divorce depends in part on the complexity of those issues and how open both parties are to achieving fair resolution. One thing that is worth considering is that choosing to settle the terms of your divorce with mediation can dramatically reduce the time it takes to finalize a divorce. You may wonder why mediation takes less time than proceeding through the courts…