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How To Resolve A Complicated Divorce

How To Resolve A Complicated DivorceWhen you decide to divorce and share children, property, assets, debt and emotional baggage, the idea of resolving these issues in a productive way can seem impossible. You may have spent many years married and never even considered how you might divide your lives up, should that need to happen. But yet, here you are. Facing a divorce – a complicated divorce. You may assume that you must hire an attorney and move toward litigation to untangle some of the issues between you. Fortunately, for you and your family, litigation is not the only way to resolve the terms of a complicated divorce.

Can Divorce Mediation Work In An Adversarial Divorce?

Can Divorce Mediation Work In An Adversarial Divorce?The Minnesota court system recommends that all couples attempt mediation or another alternative dispute resolution technique before going through the court system. Some couples will be extremely amicable and other couples may have significant conflict and adversarial communication. Mediation can be effective no matter what level of conflict you and your spouse have. A trained and qualified mediator can find common ground with all kinds of couples in all types of situations.

Emotions can be very high leading up to a divorce and litigation can actually fuel these emotions even further.

Dividing Joint Property During Divorce In Minnesota

Dividing Joint Property During Divorce In MinnesotaOne of the major issues to resolve in a divorce is how to fairly and equitably divide the property that you have shared during your marriage. For many couples, this can be the source of a lot of conflict and can take many hours to resolve. Mediation is a great option for determining how best to divide joint property in a fair way. Johnson Mediation can help you and your ex come up with a plan that works for you and your family and can reduce the conflict between you in a way both of you will understand. In the state of Minnesota is what is known as an equitable distribution state.

Can Mediation Resolve An Adversarial Divorce?

Can Mediation Resolve An Adversarial Divorce?Many people assume that divorce mediation can only work if your relationship is amicable. This is a myth about resolving the terms of a divorce. Litigation can actually raise the temperature of a divorce – and make it even more adversarial rather than less. Litigation takes many months longer than mediation and that time generally only fuels more emotion, pain and frustration. So, whether your divorce is adversarial or amicable, mediation can work for your situation. Even if your divorce is adversarial or complex, here are some of the reasons to consider mediation to settle the terms of your divorce:

Comprehensive Support for Couples in Minnesota

Comprehensive Support for Couples in MinnesotaThe team at Johnson Mediation is probably best known for helping Minnesota couples navigate the divorce process. Divorce mediation makes up a large part of what we do each and every day. However, what people might not realize is that we can provide all types of support for local couples, whether they are considering divorce or not. The resources, support and strategies that our staff can offer can benefit couples no matter whether you are moving forward with divorce, were divorced many years ago, or just a bit unsure of your future together. We provide these services online.

Comprehensive Approach To Divorce Mediation In MN

Comprehensive Approach To Divorce Mediation In MNWhen you and your family are going through a divorce, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure how to proceed. Even small steps forward may seem like giant leaps, and you and your ex may disagree about just about everything. Johnson Mediation has developed a comprehensive approach to the divorce mediation process so that we can meet the needs of our clients. Divorce is a complex process with many different – very important – steps. It is a pivotal time in the life of your family and the mediation process can actually help determine how successful you are at co-parenting and communicating once the divorce process is complete.