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Online Mediation Services

Online Mediation ServicesWe are living through an extremely difficult time. The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted life for everyone in the United States in many different ways, and we will all be relieved when the disease no longer poses such a threat to our health and the health of our loved ones. As stressful as things have been for so many of us, though, there have been a number of silver linings. One silver lining is that we have learned that it is possible to duplicate the quality of many interpersonal interactions in the online world. Johnson Mediation is able to offer our clients the same degree of professionalism and expertise in online mediation as in our in-person sessions.

Divorce Mediation in The New Year

Divorce Mediation in The New YearThe new year is traditionally a time for people to look at their life and assess their successes and failures and look ahead toward a new year full of hope and change. Many people make new year’s resolutions to exercise more, eat less or connect with the people you love. For couples that have been struggling for months, if not years, a new year can also be a time to mark the end of a relationship and a new beginning for your family. If you have decided that you and your spouse are going to divorce in the early part of 2021, divorce mediation might be a tool to consider in resolving important issues like division of joint property, child custody and the need for spousal support

Settling The Terms Of A Complicated Divorce

Settling The Terms Of A Complicated DivorceIf you and your spouse have decided it is time to take steps to end your marriage, things may be very complicated. Conflict can be extremely high, especially if you and your spouse have been struggling interpersonally for many years and have different opinions about how to move forward. You may assume that your only option is a long, expensive and stressful court battle to settle the terms of your divorce. Before you hire a lawyer, you may want to investigate the option of using divorce mediation to settle your divorce. Jeff Johnson, founder of Johnson Mediation, is available to help you navigate the divorce

Staying Financially Secure During Divorce

Staying Financially Secure during DivorceConcern over the financial impact of a divorce is extremely stressful and may have even caused you to delay this important decision. In addition to dividing all of your joint property you must also think about the money it costs to go through the process. If you proceed through the traditional court system, you can expect to pay up to $15,000 in legal and court fees. Divorce can leave you with additional debt, an impact on your credit score in addition to the emotional toll the process can take. Johnson Mediation can help you and your family look ahead with a focus on you, your family and your future.

Reducing Conflict During Divorce

Reducing Conflict During DivorceWhile it may not even seem possible in your situation, you can reduce the overall conflict between you and your soon to be ex-spouse during the divorce process. There is no doubt that if you have reached the point where divorce is your only option forward, there is likely at least some conflict in your relationship. In fact, you probably assume that this conflict is permanent. However, mediation allows you and your family to navigate your divorce in a healthier way, with the potential of even reducing overall conflict. Divorce mediation takes less time then litigated divorce, and is less expensive.

Can Mediation Work In An Adversarial Divorce?

Can Mediation Work In An Adversarial DivorceIf you and your ex cannot agree on anything and have a history of extreme conflict, you may assume that you have no choice but to litigate your divorce in the courts. After all, how could you possibly agree on how to settle important issues like child custody and division of your shared property if you could not ever agree before. Well, before you hire attorneys and move toward a bitter court battle, consider mediation as a low cost, less stressful alternative. The team at Johnson Mediation can guide you through even an adversarial divorce.