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Divorce Mediation – Divorce mediation is a collaborative approach to divorce that focuses on the needs of both partners, as well as any children involved. The goal of mediation is to create an environment that is free of the turmoil and divisiveness that is synonymous with a litigated divorce. Divorce mediation is often much less expensive, and offers positive results for the divorcing couple as well as any children that may be involved.

Parenting Consulting – A Parenting Consultant works with families surrounding a wide array of issues concerning children, including Parenting Time (also referred to as visitation), discipline and parenting style, schedules, financial considerations and extra-curricular activities. Parenting Consulting often utilizes a contract based agreement to allow the parties in a dispute to first attempt to mediate a dispute; if mediation isn’t successful, the consultant issues a decision, which both parties agree to accept.

Parenting Time Expeditor – The primary role of a Parenting Time Expeditor is defined by Minnesota statute 518.1751, which is a concept that was developed in the Minnesota family dispute arena. A Parenting Time Expeditor assists couples with issues surrounding children, including visitation and schedules. Similar to Parenting Consulting, Parenting Time Expediting uses a contract-based agreement to resolve issues.

Early Neutral Evaluation – An ENE is meant to provide parties with an early neutral evaluation of financial, custody and parenting time issues. This is meant to help couples reach an early settlement to avoid litigation. When individuals are able to weigh the costs of pursuing lengthy and often adversarial avenues, couples will often favor the early settlement.

Divorce Coaching – A divorce coach works with one party of a divorcing couple to ensure they are addressing all the necessary issues that are integral to a successful divorce. Divorce is often a stressful time and it’s important to have an advocate on your side at all times who can help you navigate this often troubling process.

Post-Divorce Support & Grief Recovery – We understand first-hand the pain that comes after a divorce is final. Many individuals will feel empty inside and unsure of how to put the pieces of their lives back together. At Johnson Mediation, we can work with you to build a solid foundation to ensure your life after divorce is a positive one.

Individual Divorce Support – Unfortunately, some couples may not be in a position to civilly work with their spouse. In these instances, we offer individual divorce support to help an individual resolve any grief or conflict that could be detrimental to an individual’s well-being. The goal of this divorce support is to identify the triggers that cause pain and anger and work to make choices to reduce the level of conflict surrounding toxic relationships.

Couple’s Divorce Support – At Johnson Mediation, we offer support for a wide array of couples who are married, contemplating divorce, couples in divorce litigation and/or mediation and couples who have been divorced. These mediation services are available to all couples, regardless if they’re in the divorce process or not. We feel strongly that many couples can benefit from our services, even if they’re not contemplating divorce. The strategies and beliefs that we advocate can be used by all couples, regardless of whether they’re in the middle of a divorce or not.

Co-Mediation – Some couples prefer to work through the divorce process with a team approach. In these instances, co-mediation can be used to help couples work through the legal, emotional and logistical parts of a divorce. Co-mediation gives individuals two professionals who are equally committed to providing positive alternatives to what may seem like overwhelming issues.

Parenting Classes – Parents that are contesting the custody of their children are required to attend parenting classes. These classes are offered throughout the Twin Cities area. More information about these classes can be found on the Parenting Forever website at These classes are meant to offer tools to help you and your partner improve communication, reduce conflict and improve parenting skills for the betterment of all involved.

Parents Forever – These classes are meant for individuals with children from birth through 18 who are going through a divorce. These court mandated courses are meant to give parents the tools to better themselves, as well as their children. The curriculum of Parents Forever classes is offered in a 12-hour series, which meets all 25 minimum standards as required by Minnesota Statute 518.157.

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