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How Has The Divorce Process Changed During COVID?

How Has The Divorce Process Changed During COVIDCOVID-19 has impacted all aspects of our daily life. The changes are too numerous to count for most of us. If you and your spouse have decided that your marriage is over, you might feel uncertain about how to proceed with the divorce process, given the pandemic, family stress and concerns about contracting the virus. In fact, many couples report feeling stuck or frozen during this time, concerned about how to make a big change during such an extraordinary time. Johnson Mediation can guide you through the divorce process during COVID-19. We understand how stressful thinking about a divorce during the pandemic is for many couples

Online Divorce Coaching

Online Divorce CoachingNavigating a divorce is extremely difficult, even during normal times. However, the events of the recent months have made navigating daily life more complicated and this is impacting our relationships and our ability to problem solve and move forward. Johnson Mediation is offering virtual divorce coaching for those who are looking for individualized support from a professional. No need to meet in person. Everything is accomplished on Zoom in the comfort of your own space.

Here are some of the most common issues our divorce coach can help you with:

Reduce Stress During Divorce

Reduce Stress During Divorce The stress of a marriage that is headed toward divorce can be overwhelming, constant, and unrelenting. This stress can also feel permanent. Johnson Mediation wants you to know that we can help reduce the overall stress felt by both you and your spouse. One thing we can state with utmost confidence is that the stress of divorce does not need to be permanent, though it can certainly feel that way. If your marriage has been failing for some time, and if you have been led to believe that the only way to end it is to engage in a very long process that involves lawyers and the courts, it is understandable that you would conclude that the stress you are

Holidays and Divorce

Holidays and DivorceIf you went through a divorce over the last year, you may be absolutely dreading the upcoming holiday season. In addition to the major life change you and your family have experienced, you must also find ways to be socially distant from family and friends and wear masks to stop the spread of COVID19. The holidays can be difficult and overwhelming normally, but this year will be especially strained. The team at Johnson Mediation is ready to help you get through this holiday season in a healthy way. We offer divorce support services that can ensure that you have plans in place that work

Post-Divorce Support Services

Post-Divorce SupportWhen you navigate your divorce and settle the terms, it is easy to think that that difficult and painful chapter of your life is over. For many, however, it is difficult to come to terms emotionally with the loss of this significant relationship. In addition, other logistical issues can also come up even after a divorce is final that stir up that conflict you thought was in the past. Johnson Mediation can provide you with support after your divorce so you can continue your positive

Resolving Conflict With Your Ex After Divorce

Resolving Conflict With Your Ex After DivorceFor many couples, your relationship does not end when you sign your divorce papers. If you are ready to move forward with your life, you may look to that moment as the end of your relationship, but it can be simply the beginning of a new phase of your relationship. No matter how you settled your divorce and how much conflict was between the two of you, post-divorce mediation can help you manage new issues that come up after your divorce is final. Johnson Mediation specializes in post-divorce mediation for those in the Chanhassen, Minnesota area.