Complicated Divorce Advice

Complicated Divorce AdviceNearly all divorces are complicated. When you have spent years of your life together as a couple, it can be extremely difficult to separate your possessions, financial assets and to determine a parenting plan (or custody arrangement) for your children. It is a common myth that a complicated and potentially adversarial divorce can only be settled using the court system and litigation. However, even the most complicated divorce can be settled using divorce mediation. Johnson Mediation specializes in offering effective and affordable divorce mediation services, whether your divorce is relatively simple or very complex.

Common Divorce Questions

Common Divorce Questions MNIf you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you may have more questions than answers. Divorce is widely known as one of the most stressful life events and the divorce process can seem daunting and overwhelming. Johnson Mediation specializes in helping couples navigate the divorce process from start to finish. Here are some commonly asked questions about divorce, answered. MN Divorce FAQ’s: How long does the divorce process take? The divorce process can take as little as 6-12 weeks to 12-18 months. This depends on whether you choose mediation or traditional litigation for your divorce.

Support During Divorce

Support During DivorceThere is absolutely no denying how difficult divorce is for every member of your family. If you are going through the stress and pain of a divorce, you are probably not concerned about the fact that the world around you already knows that divorce is hard.  What you may need is simple support.  With Johnson Mediation, you receive the support that you need combined with depth of experience and expertise that can help you feel better prepared for your life after your divorce. It is very important that everyone involved get’s the help they need.

Divorce Coaching Services

Divorce Coach For IndividualsWhile Johnson Mediation specializes in helping couples avoid the difficulties associated with court-based divorces by comprehensive mediation services, there are times when one member of a divorcing couple needs the assistance of a divorce coach.  This need can arise when your spouse is not as invested in settling the terms of your divorce in an amicable way.  If your spouse is resistant to the idea of mediated divorce and seems intent on contesting your divorce, Johnson Mediation’s divorce coaching service can be of great help to you.

Divorce Support Counselor Near Me

Divorce Support Counselor Near MeDivorce is generally regarded as one of the most stressful life events, in a category with a death of a spouse or close family member, an unexpected job loss or a sudden illness.  Divorce is a major personal loss – the loss of your marriage can cause many intense emotions of grief, sadness, anger and despair. Finding sources of support during and after your divorce is critical to your healing and ability to move forward. Friends, co-workers, loved ones can provide significant personal support.  There are also times when professional help is needed. A professional divorce support counselor can relate to an individual going through a divorce in a helpful and supportive way

Male Divorce Mediator South Metro

Male Divorce Mediator South MetroAny Minnesota divorce mediator whose services you seek should be well versed in Minnesota divorce. This should be the baseline for anyone looking for help navigating the divorce process. Once the minimum requirements are satisfied, you can begin to look for other qualities that meet your needs. In some cases, it can be helpful to work with a male divorce mediator. In the South Metro area, Jeff Johnson is a male divorce mediator who understands the complexities of Minnesota divorce, has extensive experience with a wide range of circumstances pertaining to divorce, and can lend his perspective