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Child Custody Modification

Child Custody ModificationIf your current child-custody agreement no longer works for you as you need it to, you may need to request a child custody modification, and Johnson Mediation can help you accomplish this task. It is very important to keep your child custody agreement up to date.

If you and your ex are finding that since your divorce, situations have changed and you are starting to have tension between the two of you, sit down with a mediator and work things out. It is unrealistic to expect that you will never need to make changes to a child custody agreement.

Will Divorce Mediation get me what I Deserve?

Will Divorce Mediation get me what I Deserve?If you are pursuing a divorce and you are considering using a divorce mediator to bring your marriage to an end, it is natural to ask the question, “Will divorce mediation get me what I deserve?”  There are numerous variations on possible responses to the question, but the best responses include your having confidence in the divorce mediator with whom you choose to work.  If you do possess confidence in your divorce mediator, you will understand that you have a relationship with an advocate who cares not only about getting you what you deserve, but also ensuring that all people who are affected by your divorce are cared for.  Johnson Mediation has earned the confidence of our clients, and we would be honored to earn yours as well.

I Need A Mediator for my Divorce In Minnesota

I Need A Mediator for my Divorce In MinnesotaIf you have made the important but difficult decision to divorce and have decided to pursue mediation to settle the terms, you may be left wondering how to choose the best mediator for your situation. All divorces are different, and you and your soon to be ex-spouse have to make some VERY important decisions. A couple of examples would include, how to fairly separate your joint assets and property, developing a parenting plan that puts your children first and determining whether child or spousal support is needed. Here are some things to look for when…

Benefits of a Divorce Mediation Consultation

Benefits of a Divorce Mediation ConsultationHiring a divorce mediator is a really important decision as you move ahead with your separation and divorce. A divorce mediator can help you settle the terms of your divorce, including developing your parenting plan, dividing your joint property, and deciding whether you need to think about spousal maintenance or child support. It is critical to establish a strong connection with your mediator and feel like you can be open and honest and ask the questions that are on your mind. Your mediator’s primary goal is to help you find common ground with your ex in order to find a path forward to your future

My Ex And I Are Divorced But Cannot Agree. Can Mediation Help Us?

My Ex And I Are Divorced But Cannot Agree. Can Mediation Help Us?Signing divorce papers may be the official end to your marriage, but it is often just the beginning of a new phase of your relationship. There are many issues that can come up once a divorce is final that might not need litigation, but that cannot be resolved without assistance from a mediator. Post-divorce mediation is ideal for solving a wide range of issues that come up after a divorce is final. So, when you find that you and your ex-spouse cannot agree on an issue about child custody, or child or spousal support, contact the team at Johnson Mediation for assistance.

Benefits of Mediation in 2024

Benefits of Mediation in 20242024 is finally here and many of us have made New Year’s resolutions or maybe just some broad goals to strive for in the new year. Whether your goals include exercise, improved health, interpersonal improvements, mindfulness, commitment to reducing time on your phone, there is likely at least one theme of most of our new year’s goals – peace. Relaxing, reducing conflict in your life and self-care all contribute to finding that peace in the new year. Johnson Mediation believes that the services that we provide can help you and your family find peace in certain situations. If you have made the very difficult