Mediate Co-Parenting with a Consultant

Mediate Co-Parenting with a ConsultantAdjusting to how to be an effective parent after a divorce can be difficult. The period of time after a divorce is a transition for every member of your family – for both adults as well as the kids. A parenting consultant can help you and your ex-spouse co-parent in a way that is most healthy for your children. In general, a parenting consultant provides support for families as they make decisions about parenting time, discipline issues, parenting styles, navigating schedules, making decisions about education and extracurricular activities.

Early Neutral Evaluation vs Mediation

Early Neutral Evaluation vs Mediation Mediation and Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) are two different types of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which are used to help resolve difficult issues between two parties. Both of these tools are used to resolve disputes, disagreements or conflict without having to go through the full litigation process. The professional staff at Johnson Mediation can assist with either alternative dispute resolution method, depending on what is best for your unique situation.

Minnesota Divorce Mediation | Cost, Time & Process

Minnesota Divorce Mediation | Cost, Time & Process If you and your family are facing a divorce, you may have many questions about the process. Divorce itself is overwhelming, extremely stressful and emotionally draining. The process, however, can be relatively simple and straightforward in many cases and this can help to ease the overall magnitude of the experience. Divorce Mediation can be an excellent way to navigate through the divorce process more quickly with less conflict, less financial and emotional stress. Johnson Mediation has been working with couples in the Minnesota area for more than twenty years and can assist you throughout the entire process.

Mediator MN

Mediator MNWhen you say your vows, you imagine a long, happy life with your spouse. For many, however, this reality simply does not materialize and a couple realizes that they are better off apart. Many things can change during your relationship – communication can become strained, financial stress can cause conflict, the addition of children can change the dynamic between you and your spouse, or infidelity can cause a serious break. When you find yourself ready to proceed with a divorce, a divorce mediator can help you navigate the process in a more positive and healthier way than traditional litigation. Johnson Mediation offers comprehensive divorce mediation services for Minnesota couples who are ready to end their marriage and begin a new chapter of their lives.

Divorce Mediation Tips & Checklist

Divorce Mediation Tips & ChecklistIf you have made the decision to settle the terms of your divorce with divorce mediation rather than engaging in a long and costly court battle, you are probably already aware of some of the many benefits. Divorce mediation can take a matter of weeks to months, rather than months to years and can cost many thousands of dollars less than litigation. No matter what, your divorce will still be stressful and can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Child Custody Modification

Child Custody ModificationIf your current child-custody agreement no longer works for you as you need it to, you may need to request a child custody modification, and Johnson Mediation can help you accomplish this task. It is very important to keep your child custody agreement up to date.

If you and your ex are finding that since your divorce, situations have changed and you are starting to have tension between the two of you, sit down with a mediator and work things out. It is unrealistic to expect that you will never need to make changes to a child custody agreement.