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Divorce Mediation in The New Year

Divorce Mediation in The New YearThe new year is traditionally a time for people to look at their life and assess their successes and failures and look ahead toward a new year full of hope and change. Many people make new year’s resolutions to exercise more, eat less or connect with the people you love. For couples that have been struggling for months, if not years, a new year can also be a time to mark the end of a relationship and a new beginning for your family. If you have decided that you and your spouse are going to divorce in the early part of 2021, divorce mediation might be a tool to consider in resolving important issues like division of joint property, child custody and the need for spousal support

Reduce Stress During Divorce

Reduce Stress During Divorce The stress of a marriage that is headed toward divorce can be overwhelming, constant, and unrelenting. This stress can also feel permanent. Johnson Mediation wants you to know that we can help reduce the overall stress felt by both you and your spouse. One thing we can state with utmost confidence is that the stress of divorce does not need to be permanent, though it can certainly feel that way. If your marriage has been failing for some time, and if you have been led to believe that the only way to end it is to engage in a very long process that involves lawyers and the courts, it is understandable that you would conclude that the stress you are

Minnesota Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce Mediation Versus LitigationThe stressful times through which we are living right now are unique in many ways. We are working our way through a once-in-a-century pandemic and a wide variety of social issues that have created challenges, struggles and difficulty. But while the times we are in now bring new and unfamiliar challenges, there are also stressful aspects of our world that remain constant. One of them is that, despite these times, people are still affected by divorce. Johnson Mediation may not be able to do much about the pandemic, but we are highly trained professionals who have helped many couples find resolution to the conflict in their marriages before and during this Pandemic.

It seems true that as long as marriage remains a core element of our society, so too will divorce. Because divorce is a part of our society, the need for available assistance and support from trained professionals will be needed. The time-honored traditional means of finalizing a divorce in the courtroom are slowly being

Holidays and Divorce

Holidays and DivorceIf you went through a divorce over the last year, you may be absolutely dreading the upcoming holiday season. In addition to the major life change you and your family have experienced, you must also find ways to be socially distant from family and friends and wear masks to stop the spread of COVID19. The holidays can be difficult and overwhelming normally, but this year will be especially strained. The team at Johnson Mediation is ready to help you get through this holiday season in a healthy way. We offer divorce support services that can ensure that you have plans in place that work

Reducing Conflict During Divorce

Reducing Conflict During DivorceWhile it may not even seem possible in your situation, you can reduce the overall conflict between you and your soon to be ex-spouse during the divorce process. There is no doubt that if you have reached the point where divorce is your only option forward, there is likely at least some conflict in your relationship. In fact, you probably assume that this conflict is permanent. However, mediation allows you and your family to navigate your divorce in a healthier way, with the potential of even reducing overall conflict. Divorce mediation takes less time then litigated divorce, and is less expensive.

Free Divorce Mediation Consultation

Free Divorce Mediation ConsultationMaking decisions about working with someone takes some time. Whether it is hiring a person for a job in your business or deciding on a healthcare provider for yourself or a family member, a good fit is very important. You need to know that you are comfortable communicating with the other person and that you have a similar view on the goals and outcomes of the partnership. The same holds true for choosing a mediator. If you and your spouse have decided to pursue a divorce using mediation, then you want to find a mediator who understands your goals and is a good overall fit. Johnson Mediation offers free