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First Things To Do For A Divorce And WhyThe stress of the times we are now living through may make us think that our world is no longer capable of innovation or improvement. Our patience has worn thin with bad customer service, and many customer service professionals have lost patience with customers who seem intent on picking a fight with them. Life just seems harder for most of us these days, and that is perhaps even more starkly true for couples who have decided that they have no other choice but to proceed through the divorce process. Fortunately for couples who live in Minnesota, divorce mediation represents a notable exception to the idea that innovation and improvement is a lost art in our country. Johnson Mediation provides divorce mediation services, and some relief, for couples who have decided to divorce.

Online Divorce Support Services In Minnesota

Online Divorce Support Services In MinnesotaThere are countless divorce statistics that you can find online if you do a quick search: Nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce. Over 40% of first marriages end in divorce. Based on data from the US Census, both marriages and divorces are down in the US. Nevada has the highest divorce rate and Illinois has the lowest divorce rate among US states

But statistics are not always that useful – they can show trends, but certainly do not represent an individual situation. Statisticians gather and measure data about a certain thing and analyze

First Things To Do For A Divorce And Why

First Things To Do For A Divorce And WhyA divorce is a big decision and very likely one, if not, the biggest decisions you will make in your entire lifetime. When you have made the tough decision to end your marriage, your focus will likely turn to what to do to initiate the process. Johnson Mediation can help you from the very beginning of the divorce process all the way to the final stages. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you and your family navigate by providing resources, information and guidance. Below, is a list of some concrete things you can do now as you begin the divorce process. For additional advice, just give us a call today.

Gathering The Documents I’ll Need For My Divorce

Gathering The Documents I’ll Need For My DivorcePreparing for divorce comes in many forms. You need to prepare emotionally, logistically and also consider tasks that you need to complete for the divorce process to begin. One thing that you can do now to prepare for the divorce process is to gather the important documents that you will need to settle the terms of your divorce whether you proceed via mediation or litigation.

Here is a list of documents that should be ready to share during the divorce proceedings:

Divorce Mediation In 2021

Divorce Mediation In 2021There is no doubt that we are living through a difficult time. Uncertainty and stress seem to be permanent parts of our lives right now, and we are all occasionally subjected to feelings of chaos, if not actual chaos. This is felt on the community level, the state level, the national level, and the international level and they are also felt on a very personal level. Interpersonal conflict tends to rise when there is an increased sense of stress felt by our various communities, and that stress can take a toll on marriages. Johnson Mediation can help you if you and your spouse

Settling A High Conflict Divorce

Settling A High Conflict DivorceWas the main driver in your decision to divorce related to intense conflict, anger, and fighting in your marriage? Did you feel like you and your partner could not agree on anything and fought about even the smallest issues? If you have decided to divorce after high levels of conflict in your marriage, you may assume that your only option is to proceed through the court system. However, litigation can actually make the conflict even worse. The foundation of litigation is winning or losing. You end up fighting hard and battling over issues like dividing property, child custody and spousal support.