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Busiest Month For Divorce

Busiest Month For DivorceDid you know that January is known to be the busiest month for divorces in our country? Whether this is related to new year’s resolutions, a new tax year, the intense stress of the holiday season, or simply looking for a fresh start, the new year marks the end of marriage, and a fresh start for many. If this is something that you are considering in the days and weeks leading up to January, you may want to spend some time preparing for this possibility for you and your family. Here are some tips for small things you can do now that will help you in the new year.

Divorce Resolution Using Mediation Services

Divorce Resolution Using Mediation ServicesJohnson Mediation offers a wide variety of resolution and mediation services for families in Minnesota that are navigating the divorce process. Alternative dispute resolution processes are highly effective, affordable and can lay the groundwork for a more positive relationship after divorce. The courts are extremely busy and cannot accommodate each and every divorce case. So, they actually require all couples to attempt an alternative dispute method before litigation (unless there are concerns about domestic violence. Here are some of the services we provide to families in the area

What Do You Need To Know Before Getting A Divorce?

What Do You Need To Know Before Getting A DivorceYou might have been thinking about the idea of a divorce for a long time. Maybe you have been unsure if you were ready, if it would negatively impact your family, or if you had questions about whether you could survive financially. These are all very important questions as you consider this big decision. Here are some important pieces of information to know before you move ahead with a divorce:

1. Minnesota is a no-fault divorce state: In the state of Minnesota, the court will grant a divorce without considering who might be at fault

Dividing Joint Property During Divorce In Minnesota

Dividing Joint Property During Divorce In MinnesotaOne of the major issues to resolve in a divorce is how to fairly and equitably divide the property that you have shared during your marriage. For many couples, this can be the source of a lot of conflict and can take many hours to resolve. Mediation is a great option for determining how best to divide joint property in a fair way. Johnson Mediation can help you and your ex come up with a plan that works for you and your family and can reduce the conflict between you in a way both of you will understand. In the state of Minnesota is what is known as an equitable distribution state.

Communicating With Kids About Divorce

Communicating With Kids About Divorce When you and your spouse decide to divorce, you are not only making this big decision for you, but you are also making it for your entire family – including your kids. Kids do not have much (if any) say in this decision but are affected significantly. Deciding how to communicate with them about the upcoming change related to divorce is a critical step in the process of helping them cope. Below are some tips for communicating calmly and effectively with your children of all ages about divorce:

Can Mediation Resolve An Adversarial Divorce?

Can Mediation Resolve An Adversarial Divorce?Many people assume that divorce mediation can only work if your relationship is amicable. This is a myth about resolving the terms of a divorce. Litigation can actually raise the temperature of a divorce – and make it even more adversarial rather than less. Litigation takes many months longer than mediation and that time generally only fuels more emotion, pain and frustration. So, whether your divorce is adversarial or amicable, mediation can work for your situation. Even if your divorce is adversarial or complex, here are some of the reasons to consider mediation to settle the terms of your divorce: