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Prioritizing Your Kids During Divorce

Prioritizing Your Kids During DivorceWhen you think about your family and your life, most adults will say that their children are the most important thing in your entire world. If you are under any type of stress–work, financial or interpersonal, you work hard to protect your kids from the pain. As you might expect, couples who are struggling in their marriage and contemplating divorce, tend to worry most about the impact on their children. Johnson Mediation can help you navigate divorce while prioritizing the mental health and wellbeing of your kids. Choosing divorce mediation instead of litigation

Male Personalized Divorce Support

Male Personalized Divorce SupportMany of the divorce support and parenting support services that we offer and that are offered by other mediation firms like ours are built on compromise and working together to find a resolution. In fact, this is exactly what mediation means – helping two opposing parties work together to resolve a conflict. These services are highly effective and efficient and can help families make decisions about how to divide property, and how to divide parenting time without a lengthy and costly court battle. However, there are times when you need individualized support through this process as well. You may be able to find that with your family or friend network, but if you think that you could benefit from some individual help from a professional, our divorce coaching service might be right for you.

When we serve as your divorce coach, we provide you with tailored, individualized support during the divorce process. We only work with one party

Holidays and Divorce

Holidays and DivorceIf you went through a divorce over the last year, you may be absolutely dreading the upcoming holiday season. In addition to the major life change you and your family have experienced, you must also find ways to be socially distant from family and friends and wear masks to stop the spread of COVID19. The holidays can be difficult and overwhelming normally, but this year will be especially strained. The team at Johnson Mediation is ready to help you get through this holiday season in a healthy way. We offer divorce support services that can ensure that you have plans in place that work

How Does Parenting Consulting Work?

How Does Parenting Consulting Work?If you are curious about the concept of parenting consulting and want to learn more about the process, Johnson Mediation can help. A Parenting Consultant (PC) works with families to help them navigate issues related to parenting time (also known as visitation), differences in parenting styles, approach to discipline, schedules, education as well as interests and activities of the child or children. It is important to understand that a parenting consultant does not address issues related to custody or finances. A parenting consultant can be chosen by a couple or the court, depending on the situation.

Online Divorce Mediation Near Me

Online Divorce Mediation Near MeCOVID-19 has turned our lives upside down and has forced us to slow down, social distance and stay home when possible. However, even though the virus continues to spread in our community, our lives cannot simply stop until we have a vaccine. One extremely positive outcome of living through this unusual time is that our society has been forced to virtualize many different events and processes that cannot safely happen at the present time. We are working from home more, graduation celebrations and senior proms have been held virtually, and we have all gotten used to logging into Zoom

Parenting Consultant Can Help Parents Follow Court Orders

Parenting Consultant Can Help Parents Follow Court OrdersSharing custody of children can be one of the most difficult transitions after a divorce. You and your spouse are very likely both used to seeing your children each and every day. Sharing custody means that your kids spend some portion of their time with you and some portion of their time with your ex. Navigating custody agreements and court orders are a challenge for many couples.

A parenting consultant may be able to help you resolve issues surrounding parenting time, disciplinary issues, parenting styles, scheduling conflicts and issues with school