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Post Divorce Support Services

Post Divorce Support ServicesEven when we know that it is in our best interest to end our marriage, and maybe even especially when our marriage ends on good terms with our spouse, life after divorce can be much more difficult than we expect. Johnson Mediation understands the complex emotions and practical matters that occur in so many people following their divorce, and as a result, we offer our expertise in the form of post-divorce support.

Whether a marriage is healthy or unhealthy, stable or unstable, meant to last or on its last legs, what all marriages have in common are patterns

What Should I Know About Divorce In Minnesota?

What Should I Know About Divorce In MinnesotaThe divorce process is different depending on the state where you live. Minnesota has what is known as a “no-fault divorce law”, which means that the court does not take into consideration the reasons why you are divorcing your spouse. You do not need your spouse’s consent to file for divorce and the courts do not consider the reason you are divorce when deciding whether to grant the divorce. In order to get a divorce in our state, you simply have to have lived in the state for 180 days before the divorce proceedings begin and show that there is no hope for reconciliation. Another thing to remember

What Is The Hardest Part Of Divorce?

What Is The Hardest Part Of DivorceDivorce is hard in so many ways. Navigating the process while you are emotionally raw can make it feel overwhelming and simply impossible. If you are beginning the process, you may be wondering how to prepare yourself and your family to handle what is coming. Below are what many report as the five hardest parts of a divorce.

Taking the first step: You may have been thinking about the idea of divorce for weeks, months or even years, but taking the first step and that final decision can be one of the most difficult parts

Custody Changes After Divorce

Custody Changes After DivorceWhen you get a divorce, you try to make a plan (divorce agreement) that covers any and all potential issues that could come up down the road. However, it is impossible to predict the future, especially with kids. Your children’s needs change over time and there is no way to know what your kids will need (or want) years after your divorce is final. Covid-19 pandemic is a perfect example. Post-divorce mediation makes the process of changing your custody arrangement simple and low stress. Johnson Mediation can help you determine both what changes to make and how to restructure your custody agreement

Tips For Managing Issues After Divorce

Tips for Managing Issues After DivorceIf you have recently been through a divorce, you may realize now that just because the divorce papers have been signed, there are still issues you need to be able to resolve with your ex. While you may wish this was not the case, it is the case for nearly every single divorced couple…especially if you have children. So, you may wonder how to manage these issues when they come up and we are here to help. Johnson Mediation offers post-divorce mediation that can help resolve all types of issues after you are divorced in a fair and productive way, without increasing conflict. Here are some tips from our team that can help

How Do I Help My Kids Adjust to our Divorce?

How Do I Help My Kids Adjust to our Divorce? - Divorce Support MNA divorce does not just impact the two adults in a relationship. If you have children, they feel the impact as well. Helping your children adjust to the idea of the divorce and then the major life changes that follow is a huge part of the transition process for many couples. Your children know you and your spouse well, so trying to hide things and tell them things that are simply not true are going to make them feel unsure and vulnerable. Be honest about what is happening, what it means for them and that you will love them the same no matter what.