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Protecting My Kids From Conflict During Divorce

Protecting My Kids From Conflict During DivorceEvery marriage is different, and no two divorces are the same, but one thing that nearly all divorces have in common is conflict. If you share children, then you are probably already concerned with ways to protect them from the conflict between you and your spouse. The staff at Johnson Mediation offers a wide variety of resources that can help you with this important part of the process. Below are strategies to help you protect your children from the conflict and tension between you and your ex.

Reducing Emotional Toll Of Divorce On Your Family

Reducing Emotional Toll Of Divorce On Your FamilyDeciding to divorce is more than a decision to make a logistical change in your life. For many couples, it represents a personal loss and can elicit emotions like regret, sadness, and disappointment. These emotions impact the two individuals in the marriage but also have an effect on the children from the marriage as well. There are strategies for reducing the emotional toll of a divorce on a family and the team at Johnson Mediation can help you find your way forward while you and your family heal.

Divorcing And Young Children

Divorcing And Young ChildrenIt is impossible to protect your children completely from your divorce, but younger children present a unique challenge when it comes to helping them navigate the change. They are not able to communicate their needs as clearly and openly as older children, so you need to be able to interpret their behaviors and provide them with support that is age appropriate and make decisions that are in their best interest. Supporting their needs while you go through the emotional strain of a divorce adds another level of complexity.

Communicating With Kids About Divorce

Communicating With Kids About Divorce When you and your spouse decide to divorce, you are not only making this big decision for you, but you are also making it for your entire family – including your kids. Kids do not have much (if any) say in this decision but are affected significantly. Deciding how to communicate with them about the upcoming change related to divorce is a critical step in the process of helping them cope. Below are some tips for communicating calmly and effectively with your children of all ages about divorce:

Minimizing The Financial Impact Of Divorce

Minimizing The Financial Impact Of DivorceDivorce is a difficult and life altering event – it can have a long-term impact on your family, your daily life and your finances. There are both emotional and financial costs of divorce that cannot be avoided all together, but partnering with the team at Johnson Mediation can help you make decisions during the process that minimizes the financial damage. Here are some tips for protecting your finances during the divorce process:

1. Choose your divorce process: Deciding to settle your divorce with mediation rather than litigation will save you thousands of dollars

Co-Parenting Support Services

Co-Parenting Support ServicesWhen you got married and had children, did you ever give a single thought to what it might be like to co-parent your kids with your spouse? Most parents who are in a committed relationship do not give that much (if any thought) and assume that they will raise their children together. However, as time passes, conflict and tension rise and some couples decide that a divorce is the best option for their family. When you separate or divorce, it feels as though your role as parents changes dramatically. Instead of making joint decisions and living all together in the same home, you forge your path in two different homes