Parenting Consultant Can Help Parents Follow Court Orders

Parenting Consultant Can Help Parents Follow Court OrdersSharing custody of children can be one of the most difficult transitions after a divorce. You and your spouse are very likely both used to seeing your children each and every day. Sharing custody means that your kids spend some portion of their time with you and some portion of their time with your ex. Navigating custody agreements and court orders are a challenge for many couples.

A parenting consultant may be able to help you resolve issues surrounding parenting time, disciplinary issues, parenting styles, scheduling conflicts and issues with school

Individual Parent Divorce Support

Individual Parent Divorce SupportFor most people the process of getting divorced is physically and emotionally draining. The financial costs associated with a typical divorce compound the stress and anxiety even more. Parents in particular can be left feeling exhausted and confused about which way to turn for help. The court system views the dissolution of marriage to be a legal issue but it is so much more than that. Unfortunately, the emotional, financial and physical aspects of raising a child can be left unresolved without proper support from a professional mediator

Parenting Consulting

Parenting ConsultingIt is often said that parenting is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs that anybody can have. Children do not come with a manual. If they did, there may be a thick chapter devoted to parenting after divorce. Spouses are often at their worst during the divorce process and may be unable to see how the upheaval, stress and tension is affecting the children. Parenting consulting is used to make sure that the best interest of the child is forefront in decisions. A parenting consultant may be chosen by the parents and appointed by the court.

Parenting Time Expeditor Minnetonka, Minnesota

Parenting Time Expeditor Minnetonka, MinnesotaParenting Time can be a contentious issue in divorce. If parenting time is mediated by a team like Johnson Mediation, you may find yourself feeling a sense of relief you did not know was possible during and after your divorce. The role of a parenting time expeditor is to help you and your divorcing spouse find the right balance of time spent with your children. Johnson Mediation’s approach to parenting time has helped many clients, and we are confident that it will help you.

Divorce is difficult. And when you have children, divorce is potentially devastatingly hard. Children are vulnerable to the emotional stress that accompanies the major change that divorce brings.

Male Divorce Mediation Services Minnetonka, Minnesota

Male Divorce Mediation Minnetonka, MinnesotaWe all have people in our lives who make us feel more or less comfortable than others. The same is true in the world of divorce mediation. If you are in the market for a divorce mediator and would be more comfortable working with a male divorce mediator, Johnson Mediation is an excellent choice.

Jeff Johnson of Johnson Mediation is a highly trained divorce mediator. He has demonstrated  a history of excellent advocacy in divorce mediation, and the entire Johnson Mediation team is committed to ensuring

Advantages Of Hiring A Parenting Time Expeditor

Divorce MediatorThere are several advantages to hiring a Parenting Time Expeditor (PTE). We at Johnson Mediation provide Parenting Time Expeditor services to divorcing couples in Chanhassen, Shakopee, and many other communities in Minnesota. The courts generally do a great job of helping divorced couples settle their differences related to parenting time, but the courts simply cannot keep up with the demand. So, neutral third parties trained in mediation, can provide expert mediation to help you reach fair and equitable agreements with your divorcing spouse about important issues such as parenting time. Our team can be especially helpful if you are nervous about being denied time with your children in the future; if you believe that you should be able to make up time with your children that has been missed or denied previously; or if the other parent is somehow interfering with your scheduled parenting time.