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Effectiveness Of Divorce Mediation

Effectiveness Of Divorce MediationIt is estimated that between 70-85% of cases that go through mediation are settled. When you stop and think for a second, that is pretty remarkable, in large part because each and every one of those cases are trying to settle a dispute. The two parties often do not agree about how the dispute should be settled, so they need professional assistance to sort this out. When it comes to divorce, the disagreements between the two parties are compounded by the emotion, sadness and pain of realizing that your marriage is over. Mediation is considered so effective that the Minnesota court system is now recommending that all divorce cases go through mediation before going through the courts. If you are coming to terms with the idea of a divorce

Comprehensive Approach To Divorce Mediation In MN

Comprehensive Approach To Divorce Mediation In MNWhen you and your family are going through a divorce, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure how to proceed. Even small steps forward may seem like giant leaps, and you and your ex may disagree about just about everything. Johnson Mediation has developed a comprehensive approach to the divorce mediation process so that we can meet the needs of our clients. Divorce is a complex process with many different – very important – steps. It is a pivotal time in the life of your family and the mediation process can actually help determine how successful you are at co-parenting and communicating once the divorce process is complete.

Is Mediation Required For Divorce In Minnesota?

Is Mediation Required For Divorce In Minnesota?Over the last several years, the courts in Minnesota have started to require that couples attempt an alternative dispute resolution service like divorce mediation before moving forward with litigation. You may wonder why the courts are trying to push couples away from the traditional court system. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Effectiveness: Mediation is highly effective, even for divorce cases that are complicated. Mediation can be successful at resolving all aspects of a divorce including child custody, division of joint property and spousal maintenance and child support.

Why Are Divorces Common In The New Year?

Why Are Divorces Common In The New Year? Did you know that January is the most common month for divorce? In fact, it is sometimes known as Divorce month. There may be many reasons for this – it is just after the holidays; couples may decide that they need a fresh start for the new year and that it is to let go of things that are no longer healthy. If you are finding yourself looking ahead to the new year with divorce on the horizon, we can help. Johnson Mediation specializes in divorce support for couples in Minnesota. We offer a wide variety of services to help you navigate the divorce process with less stress and more control over the outcome.

Will Divorce Mediation Work For My Complicated Divorce?

Will Divorce Mediation Work For My Complicated DivorceOne of the most common questions or concerns that we hear about related to divorce mediation is about whether it is a tool that can be successful for a very complicated divorce. While every relationship and every divorce is unique, the team at Johnson Mediation can say, with certainty, that divorce mediation CAN work for a very complicated divorce case. Mediation can be ideal for even the most complicated cases, allowing participants to consult with the very same experts that may be used in litigation. You are allowed to work with appraisers, attorneys, accountants, financial planners, and others during

Alternatives To Going To Court To Settle A Divorce

Alternatives To Going To Court To Settle A DivorceOver the last several years, more and more couples have looked for alternative ways to settle the terms of a divorce. Litigation has been the default process for many years, forcing couples to hire individual lawyers to represent them in court and spending a lot of time and money in the process. The most popular and effective alternative to litigation is divorce mediation, which allows couples to work with a neutral mediator to settle the terms of a divorce including division of property, child custody and spousal/child support. Rather than leave these major decisions in the hands of a judge, who can only learn so much