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Divorce And The Summer

Divorce And The SummerThere is data that suggest that divorce rates increase at certain times of year. Generally, these times are in the early spring (March) and late summer (August). There may be many reasons for this, including those times coming after a period where families spend a lot of extra time together and what is not going well may be highlighted or heightened. However, it is important to remember that no matter when you decide to divorce, the process takes a significant amount of planning. One of the first things to decide is how you want to proceed with the divorce process: mediation or litigation? Johnson Mediation can help you walk through this process and make the decisions that are best for you

Make Your Own Decisions About Settling Terms Of Your Divorce

Make Your Own Decisions About Settling Terms Of Your Divorce

Leaving the major decisions about your divorce settlement in the hands of a judge is difficult, stressful and does not always produce the best results for a family. After all, no one knows your family better than you and your ex-spouse. It is next to impossible for a judge to learn about all of the family dynamics, conflict, special circumstances, etc. Mediation allows you to make these important decisions with the help and guidance of a trained and experienced mediator, rather than giving this decision power to the courts

Is An Amicable Divorce Possible?

Is An Amicable Divorce Possible?The widely held view of divorce in the United States is that it is contentious and adversarial. Our long held notions of divorce include lawyers, courtrooms and fights about everything from money to child custody. These impressions come from TV, from movies, and to an extent from personal experience or knowing friends, co-workers or loved ones that have been through the process. Divorce does not have to be this way. You can navigate the process in a more amicable and cooperative way, without the nasty court battle. Mediation has become a strongly preferred option for settling the terms of a divorce in Minnesota

Focusing on your Future after Divorce

Focusing on your Future after DivorceThe divorce process is all consuming and likely is the culmination of many months or years of high conflict and unhappiness. Once you make the decision to divorce, it can be difficult to see past the process, as the divorce process itself can take many months, especially if you go through the courts. Johnson Mediation offers an alternative to this model of a long, drawn-out process. Divorce mediation allows you to see past the divorce process to your future. Focusing on your future and your family, rather than the pain of your past can give you the strength you need to take those final steps through the process.

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Should I Choose Mediation or Litigation?

Should I Choose Mediation or Litigation? | Common Divorce Questions MNThe Minnesota court system is now encouraging couples to try to settle their divorce using divorce mediation rather than the traditional litigation process. This is a surprise to many who begin the divorce process and assume that the only real option for resolution is through the courts. You may be wondering exactly why the court system is encouraging mediation? Here are some of the reasons:

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How Long Will Divorce Mediation Take?

How Long Will Divorce Mediation Take?Mediation is becoming a very popular way to settle the terms of a divorce. In fact, the courts are now strongly encouraging all couples to try mediation first, before moving forward with litigation (traditional court process). This trend is not soon to change as mediation has many benefits, including taking less time (and money) than litigation. Johnson Mediation is a mediation firm that can help you through the divorce process from start to finish using mediation. One of the most common questions we receive about the mediation process is about how long it should take. Here are some things to help guide you on a timeline: