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Minnesota Mediators Offering Virtual Divorce Mediation Services

Minnesota Mediators Offering Virtual Mediation ServicesMediation has always been a highly effective and efficient way to resolve the terms of your divorce without the stress and expense of a court battle. In fact, in the state of Minnesota, mediation has always been a recommended way of resolving issues like division of property, child custody and child/spousal support. Even in normal times, the court system cannot accommodate all of the divorce cases in a timely manner. Over the last few years, however, with the emergence of COVID-19, it has become even more difficult to schedule court dates for divorce proceedings. As a result, mediators have adapted

Understanding Personal Dynamics And The Law To Settle Divorce

Understanding Personal Dynamics And The Law To Settle Divorce Not that long ago, when we simplified things into male and female ways of understanding and interacting with the world, conventional wisdom said that it was a male trait to contribute verbally and non-verbally to conversations to solve problems, and that it was a female trait to offer reassurances that they were listening and trying to understand. It is an overly simplistic description of human interaction for sure, and we know now that the male-female dichotomy is not complete. However, there is value in the idea that in every human interaction, there is a desire to be understood. One of the most important goals

Navigating The Divorce Mediation Process

Understanding The Divorce Mediation Process If you are planning for a divorce and considering mediation as a tool to resolve the terms of your settlement, you may have questions about the divorce mediation process. When we think of divorce, we often envision a couple on 2 different sides of a courtroom with attorneys pleading to a judge about custody and dividing your joint assets. In fact, mediation offers you an entirely different pathway when it comes to settling the terms of your divorce – one that costs less, is less stressful and that is less emotionally taxing. In addition, divorce mediation allows you to make the decisions for your family rather then a judge.

Can Divorce Be Respectful And Honest?

Can Divorce Be Respectful And Honest?In addition to providing our support and guidance to divorcing couples regarding Minnesota’s divorce laws, Johnson Mediation has earned a reputation for being a divorce mediation provider that also prioritizes the well-being of its clients. We care about the people we serve, and we do our best to help them understand the possibilities that can grow out of the divorce process. Above all else, we serve our clients with honesty and respect. This approach gives the individuals we work with a more accurate understanding of the divorce process and what life will feel like after divorce. Prioritizing honesty and combining it with our knowledge of the laws governing divorce in Minnesota, allows a divorcing couple to move on to the next chapter in their lives and minimize the surprises that can be painfully disruptive and jolting.

How Divorce Mediation Protects Your Children

How Divorce Mediation Protects Your ChildrenMuch has been said over the last few years about the true value of divorce mediation, and the positive interest and accolades are well deserved. Divorce mediation is a service that saves time, money, and a lot of aggravation for the majority of people who pursue divorce through the mediation process. Many couples who use mediation to resolve the terms of their divorce emerge from it with the ability to continue an amicable relationship with their former spouse. Johnson Mediation is proud to provide high quality divorce mediation

Divorce After The Pandemic

Divorce After The PandemicSeveral months into the Covid-19 pandemic, it became obvious to most people that it was taking a toll on the people of the United States. With the development of vaccines, there was a new promise that we would be coming out of the pandemic relatively soon, and with that came the hope that maybe, just maybe, life would get back to normal. In many ways, we have returned to normal activities, and that should be celebrated. Still, stress seems to be a prominent part of most people’s lives, and we all know that stress can be very hard on marital relationships. One thing is for certain–the promise of coming out of the worst of the pandemic