Will Divorce Mediation Help after my Divorce is Final?

Will Divorce Mediation Help after my Divorce is FinalDivorce mediation is an excellent way to resolve many important issues as you and your spouse untangle your lives. Divorce mediation offers a forum to help you resolve issues such as the division of property, assets and debts, the development of a child custody agreement that works for your entire family, and the determination of whether or not child and/or spousal support is necessary. However, mediation can be just as effective after a divorce is final as it during the divorce process.

My Ex Wife and I are still not able to co-parent?

Co-Parenting MediationWhen the dust settles from your divorce, you may assume that the most difficult part of the process is over. After all, you have divided the property that you shared, made decisions about child custody and even negotiated the terms for child and/or spousal maintenance payments. However, many divorced couples find out very quickly that learning how to effectively co-parent can be one of the biggest challenges you face in the entire process of living separate lives. You may have divorced your spouse, but you are still both responsible for the care of your children as well as decisions about their future.

Family Divorce Mediation Services in Victoria, MN

Family Divorce Mediation Services in Victoria, MNDivorce affects all members of a family, not just the couple who has made the difficult decision to divorce. So, as you navigate the divorce process, it is natural (and wise) to think about how to settle your divorce in a way that works best for you, your soon to be ex and your children. After all divorce is one of the most stressful of all life events and your children did not exactly ask for this seismic change. If you live in the Victoria, MN area, you can partner with the team at Johnson Mediation for our family divorce mediation services. Johnson Mediation focuses on you, your family and your future and can help you navigate the divorce process from start to finish in a way that puts

Support During Divorce

Support During DivorceThere is absolutely no denying how difficult divorce is for every member of your family. If you are going through the stress and pain of a divorce, you are probably not concerned about the fact that the world around you already knows that divorce is hard.  What you may need is simple support.  With Johnson Mediation, you receive the support that you need combined with depth of experience and expertise that can help you feel better prepared for your life after your divorce. It is very important that everyone involved get’s the help they need.

Spousal Maintenance in Minnesota

Spousal Maintenance in MinnesotaAs part of many divorce settlements, there may be an agreement related to spousal maintenance.  Spousal maintenance, which is also known as ‘spousal support’ and the more familiar term ‘alimony,’ is the financial support paid by one former spouse to the other after the end of their marriage.  It is usually paid monthly, though this can differ depending on the specific agreement. This is assigned for a specific period of time, for a specific number of months or years or for the remainder of the individuals’ lives.  It can also be altered by changes in one or both former spouses’ life circumstances, including new jobs, the loss of a job, or the onset of a catastrophic illness

Eden Prairie, MN Divorce Mediation

Eden Prairie, MN Divorce MediationWhen you got married, you probably never envisioned yourself contemplating a divorce. But, as time goes by, you and your partner may drift apart, are unable to communicate effectively, experience lack of intimacy, high conflict and/or experience other serious problems. If you have come to the realization that divorce is the best next step for you, your spouse and your family you assume that divorce automatically means a lengthy court battle. This could not be further from the truth. You can settle all aspects of your divorce effectively with divorce mediation, rather than litigation. Johnson Mediation specializes in divorce mediation and serves couples in the Eden Prairie, MN area.

Divorce Coaching Services

Divorce Coach For IndividualsWhile Johnson Mediation specializes in helping couples avoid the difficulties associated with court-based divorces by comprehensive mediation services, there are times when one member of a divorcing couple needs the assistance of a divorce coach.  This need can arise when your spouse is not as invested in settling the terms of your divorce in an amicable way.  If your spouse is resistant to the idea of mediated divorce and seems intent on contesting your divorce, Johnson Mediation’s divorce coaching service can be of great help to you.

Separating Partners Mediation Services

Separating Partners Mediation ServicesThere probably are not many statements more obvious than, “ending a significant relationship is difficult.”  Major transitions in relationships—divorce for married couples and separation for non-married partners—is difficult in the best of circumstances.  If you and your partner are not married but are in need of assistance with your separation process, Johnson Mediation can help you.  We can be especially helpful to you if you share children. Located in Chanhassen, Minnesota, we have help many couples separate and go on with their lives.

Spousal Support Agreement Modification Near Me

Spousal Support Agreement ModificationIf you have a spousal support agreement that needs to be modified for any reason and live in Minnesota, Johnson Mediation can help you.  Legal processes, such as divorce, can convey to individuals that legal documents are difficult to change.  Those involved in the creation of legal documents should do everything possible to ensure that they are accurate and lasting, but there are occasions when individual circumstances change, leading to the need for documents to be modified.

Kid’s First Mediation

Kid's First MediationMany couples who are struggling in their marriage wrestle with the idea of whether to separate or divorce or try to stay together for the sake of their kids. Every family situation is different and every couple must weigh all the factors and make the best possible decision for their family.  Neither decision is easy – staying together when a marriage has deteriorated and has significant conflict can actually do more harm than good where kids are concerned. However, divorce is a huge life change for all involved and can be very difficult to navigate as well. Only you and your spouse can make this decision for your family