Male Divorce Couch

Chanhassen Divorce MediationDon’t you wish that you didn’t have to go through the hard parts of life alone? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way for someone to coach you through the things you can’t understand or confront? Luckily, when you’re going through divorce, you don’t have to with for a coach; you can actually get one. At Johnson Mediation, we specialize in helping make divorce as easy as possible, in any way we can; that includes offering divorce coach help. What’s important to know about our Chanhassen, MN divorce coach? When you’re working with someone brand new to help you not only dissolve but move forward from your marriage, you want to know you’ll be comfortable working with your coach. If you’re looking for a male divorce coach near you, Jeff may be who you need.

Experienced Divorce Mediator

Free 1 Hour Divorce Mediation ConsultationGetting a divorce may seem like the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do. Knowing that it’s an entire legal process that can take you all the way through the court system can be a daunting idea, but rest assured the courts are not the only way to settle a divorce – and often not the best way. When you’re going through a divorce, whether you and your spouse are on good terms, bad terms, or indifferent, you can benefit from the help of a divorce mediator. At Johnson Mediation, our Chanhassen, MN divorce mediator specializes in helping divorcing couples understand the ins and outs of divorce, and we work through every single elements of a divorce until an agreement can be reached that’s legally fair to both parties.

Mediation in Divorce

“How to divorce?” is unfortunately a common question. Although it can be a tough situation, litigation is not the only answer. Many people are unaware that mediation is not only an alternative, but statistics show that by a large margin, divorcing couples are greatly more satisfied compared to couples who decide to take their divorce directly to court.

Post-Divorce Support Help

There’s no denying that going through a divorce is immensely difficult. In fact, it may be one of the hardest things we go through in life, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially. Divorces can be expensive, traumatic, conflict-fueled, anger-driven, and overall terrible for many individuals. They don’t have to be, and they can be made easier with the help of divorce mediation, but for many divorcing couples, even when mediation is said and done, there’s still the post-divorce period to contend with. Once you’re successfully divorced and have the opportunity to start fresh, it doesn’t always feel like you’re actually getting that promised new future. It might feel like you’re stuck, in fact. To help you get past your divorce and move forward, Johnson Mediation offers Chanhassen, MN post-divorce support to help you feel better about your divorce and your new life.

Parenting Consultant Chanhassen

Chanhassen Divorce ConsultantParenting is already hard enough. Add a divorce to the mix, and your job as a parent gets infinitely more difficult. For parents who have separated, you’re not only dealing with raising your child, you’re trying to figure out how to raise your child the way you want to. In any relationship, parents have different ideas about how to best raise a child, including what rules to set, how to discipline children, what hours children should keep, what activities children should participate in… the list goes on. If you and your former spouse are having a difficult time communicating, compromising, or overall doing what’s best for your child, you may need the help of a parenting consultant. At Johnson Mediation, our Chanhassen, MN parenting consultants are here to help make sure your divorce does not stop your child from flourishing.

Divorce Mediation Chanhassen

Divorce Mediator: A divorce mediator is considered a neutral and doesn’t work for either party, but rather helps guides couples to make decisions and keep communication open. That means the mediator does not give advice to either party, but rather remains neutral. What the mediator does rather, is assist the divorcing couple in finding ideas that usually leads to agreements. That open communication of information frees both spouses to negotiate with each other in confidence.

Divorce mediation is usually the preferred route that couples take because it is the most beneficial, especially because it is more timely than court, cost effective and helps people develop successful parenting partnerships.

Child Custody Help After Divorce Filing

Divorce Mediator ChanhassenChild custody issues can be extremely stressful and emotionally taxing both during a divorce and afterwards. We at Johnson Mediation can provide you with child custody support during the settlement process as well as after you have filed for divorce. We serve much of Minnesota, especially the Chanhassen area, and if you are in need of the assistance of an experienced mediator with expertise in child custody issues, contact our team for a free one hour consultation.

Divorce Mediator By Me

Divorce MediatorIf you live in Chanhassen or Bloomington, Minnesota and are in any stage of the divorce process, Johnson Mediation can help you. We offer an alternative to the ways most Americans think of settling a divorce. Divorce mediation is quickly becoming a better known and more desirable way of seeking and finalizing a divorce. You can count on our team to provide you with exceptionally good advocacy, fairness, and a commitment to the most positive outcomes with your soon-to-be former spouse. We also have a great deal of experience and expertise in Minnesota divorce law, which is important because laws pertaining to divorce differ from state to state.

Post-Divorce Support

Divorce Mediation SupportWhen you are going through a divorce, it takes every ounce of your time, energy and focus. For many, it is difficult to think past the divorce and how you will interact with your spouse once the divorce is final. If you have kids together, while your marriage may end, a new phase of your relationship will begin — co-parenting. And, for all who have recently been through a divorce, you may also feel a sense of grief, loss and pain. All of these new feelings are a normal part of the process of moving on. Johnson Mediation can help you process all of the feelings and emotions after your marriage ends, and help you find a way to move forward after your divorce.

Spousal Support Mediation

Spousal maintenanceIf you are considering mediation as a way to settle your divorce, you may wonder how the process works with the most complex, difficult and emotionally charged issues like the determination of spousal support. After all, in the weeks and months heading into a divorce, conflict can be extremely high and you and your divorcing spouse may not be able to agree on anything at all. Mediation is a cost effective and efficient way to settle all aspects of a divorce, including the determination of spousal support. Johnson Mediation understands the complex nature of divorce and the emotions that come along with it and will work with you to find workable solutions that will help set a positive tone for your future. We serve individuals and couples in the Chanhassen, Shakopee, Richfield, Bloomington, MN area.