Divorce Resolution Help

Divorce MediatorJohnson Mediation has established a strong reputation for being able to provide divorce resolution help for couples experiencing a wide range of issues following the end of their relationships. If you and your spouse are considering divorcing or separating, consider contacting Johnson Mediation to help you through the process. Our team offers what most traditional divorce lawyers, working through the traditional court systems and processes, cannot. Our mission is to advocate for you, understand your unique situation, and help you work toward the best possible solution for all those affected by your divorce.

Divorce Mediation Services

Free 1 Hour Divorce Mediation ConsultationThe state of Minnesota encourages most couples that are navigating a divorce to attempt mediation to settle important issues, rather than leaving these big issues to the court, or to a judge to decide. Avoiding a court battle can save you time and money, and saves the state resources as well. Mediation is a highly effective and efficient tool that can minimize overall conflict and settle a divorce quickly and lay a strong foundation for working together when needed post-divorce. Johnson Mediation offers divorce mediation services to those in the Chanhassen, Shakopee, and Bloomington, MN area and can help you navigate all aspects of your divorce so that you can move forward to your future.

How Long Does Divorce Mediation Take?

ChanhassenIf you and your spouse have made the difficult decision that divorce is in your future, you might be anxious to move quickly through the process in order to minimize conflict and to finally find some peace. Settling your divorce in the traditional court setting requires a significant amount of time and resources. You must hire attorneys and work around their schedules as well as a wait on court availability. Mediation offers an alternative to settling your divorce that takes much less time and money. Johnson Mediation specializes in divorce mediation services for those in the Chanhassen, Shakopee, and Bloomington MN and can help you resolve all aspects of your divorce in the shortest time possible.

Parenting Consultant Near Me

Male Expeditor NeutralJohnson Mediation offers Parenting Consultant services for people who live in Chanhassen, Shakopee, Bloomington, and surrounding communities in Minnesota. If you are in need of the legal, mediation, and counseling services of a Parenting Consultant, Johnson Mediation can help. A Parenting Consultant can help your family navigate difficult issues surrounding Parenting Time (also referred to as visitation), discipline and parenting style, schedules, school placement, and extra-curricular activities. Parenting Consulting is entirely voluntary and is not able to address custody or financial issues.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce MediationDivorce is common — far too common by many people’s standards. We all know the popular statistic that one half of all marriages end in divorce. However, the divorce rates in our country have actually decreased a bit over the last several decades. And yet, to a couple facing a divorce, these statistics do not matter. Divorce is an incredibly personal, emotional and difficult process that is often characterized by high conflict and lengthy court battles. If you are looking for a way to resolve the important issues in your divorce – mediation rather than the courts, may be a tool to consider. Johnson Mediation specializes in providing couples in the Chanhassen, Richfield, and Bloomington MN area with comprehensive divorce mediation services. Our goal is to decrease the stress often associated with divorce by reducing the financial and emotional cost and focusing on you, your family and your future.

Neutral Male Divorce Mediation Expert

Male Expeditor NeutralA divorce mediator’s job is to help facilitate resolution to any of a number of difficult issues in a neutral and impartial way. A mediator is a neutral third party who does not have any interest in choosing sides or favoring one party over the other. Instead, a mediator will sit down with both parties and help facilitate discussion that leads to compromise and solutions. That said, you or your divorcing spouse may have a preference of the gender of your mediator. Johnson Mediation is led by Jeff Johnson, who can provide a neutral male divorce mediator’s perspective. Jeff is a state qualified neutral mediator, social & financial early neutral evaluator, parenting time expediter, parenting consultant, parenting coach and a parenting class instructor. He has many years of experience working with couples to help them find solutions that work for their unique situation. Jeff can guide you through the entire mediation process.

Family Divorce Help

Family Divorce HelpSadly, divorce has become somewhat of an inevitability in our world. The process of divorcing can cause distress and lifelong upset. But there is hope for finding a more functional response by all family members affected by divorce—Johnson Mediation of Chanhassen, Minnesota, offers the kind of service that can help divorcing parents and their children respond in a healthier way during and after the divorce process. If divorce is an inevitability for you, parenting and divorce mediation may be a tool that can help ensure that all family members are taken care of. If your family is going through a divorce, Johnson Mediation is an excellent resource for your entire family. Our team serves families of Chanhassen, Richfield, and Bloomington, Minnesota.

Understanding The Divorce Mediation Process

Divorce Mediator MNThe goal of divorce mediation is to assist a divorcing couple to find common ground and settle the difficult aspects of a divorce with less animosity, less stress, while using fewer financial resources. A mediator is a trained professional who serves a neutral third party to facilitate discussions that can ultimately result in compromise around issues such as division of property, assets and debts, child/spousal support and development of a parenting plan (otherwise known as a custody agreement). The divorce mediation process is more simple than you might expect, following the basic set of steps below. Johnson Mediation serves divorcing couples in the Chanhassen, Richfield, and Bloomington, MN area and would be happy to partner with you to help you find resolution through this difficult and painful process.

How Can A Divorce Coach Help Me?

Just like no two relationships are like, a divorce is also an entirely unique process, and it often brings out the worst in both parties. If you are facing a divorce, and you are concerned that you and your spouse do not see eye to eye on important matters such as child custody or division of assets, a divorce coach may be able to add support and perspective to your situation, allowing you to resolve the outstanding issues in your divorce in a more positive and productive way. Johnson Mediation offers individualized divorce coaching and other divorce mediation services for those in the Chanhassen, Shakopee, Richfield, and Bloomington MN area. Our team focuses on you, your family and your future and assisting you throughout the entire process.

Need Help Getting My Spouse to the Negotiating Table

Spouse CooperationIf you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you likely have very different opinions on many things and settling your divorce will be no different. Divorce can bring out strong emotions from both parties and is widely regarded as one of the most stressful life events, alongside things like the death of a loved one, a sudden job loss and a health scare. And yet, many important decisions must be made through the divorce process that create a path forward for both you and your divorcing spouse. Some seek solutions via the court system, and other couples decide to pursue divorce mediation to negotiate the important issues in a divorce. You may wish to go the mediation route because it is drastically less expensive, less stressful and takes less time, but because mediation is entirely voluntary, your partner has to agree to move in this direction. If you live in the Chanhassen, Shakopee, Richfield, Bloomington, MN area, Johnson Mediation can help you get your spouse to the negotiating table so that you can move forward in a positive and productive way.