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Minnesota Court System Recommends Mediation

Minnesota Court System Recommends MediationYou may be surprised to learn that the Minnesota court system encourages all couples who are beginning the divorce process to use mediation instead of litigation to settle the issues between you. The legal system is backed up with cases and simply cannot schedule in a timely manner. Mediation has been proven to be an effective and efficient way to settle the terms of a divorce including child custody, division of joint property and spousal maintenance and/or child support.

Why is the court system making this recommendation? There are several important reasons:

Parenting Time Support Services In 2022

Parenting Time Support Services In 2022Of all of the issues to resolve as part of your divorce, deciding how your children will split their time between parents is likely the most challenging. When you are all living under one roof, you are used to being part of every moment, every bedtime, every day of school, every small decision. When you and your spouse separate and begin the divorce process, this family dynamic shifts dramatically and can take an emotional toll on your entire family. Divorce mediation is an excellent way to determine a custody agreement and/or parenting plan

Amending Your Parenting Plan Before The Holidays

Amending Your Parenting Plan Before The HolidaysThe holidays are fast approaching and if you have been through a divorce and are co-parenting, you likely have a parenting plan in place that outlines how your children will spend their time over the holiday season. This parenting plan or custody agreement may have been negotiated during the divorce process. However, as your kids age and family circumstances change, these parenting plans may need to be changed to meet everyone’s needs. Your kids may have different preferences, your family may have new traditions, or you or your ex may have remarried and have a blended family. Changes in a parenting plan

What Is The Mediation Success Rate In MN?

What Is The Mediation Success Rate In MN?You may already know that the Minnesota court system recommends that all couples try mediation to resolve the terms of a divorce before attempting litigation. You may wonder why that is the recommendation. Mediation is less expensive and takes less time than litigation and that is certainly part of the reason. What you might not be aware of is just how successful mediation is. Mediation can be more than 85% effective in divorce cases, even when child custody is a factor. Both parties are often more satisfied with the outcome and the results are more long lasting. That is a very high success rate, especially given that many couples enter the divorce process with…

Comprehensive Mediation Resources in Minnesota

Comprehensive Mediation Resources in MinnesotaDivorce is one of those things that you hope never to have to navigate. However, many of us end up realizing that our marriage cannot move forward in a healthy way, so divorce becomes an unfortunate reality. The divorce process itself is unfamiliar and can be overwhelming and extremely stressful. It is certainly not something you would ever want to become an expert on. Over the last decade or two, divorce mediation has become a more popular option for resolving the terms of a divorce because it is less expensive and takes less time than litigation. In addition, it gives the couple the chance to make decisions for their own family, rather than putting that power in…

Choosing A Divorce Mediator In 2022

Choosing A Divorce Mediator In 2022When it comes to divorce, you must make some decisions to get the process started. One of those decisions is whether to go through the traditional court system for divorce or to attempt a mediated divorce. In addition to the many benefits of mediation, the Minnesota court system also recommends that all couples try divorce mediation first before proceeding through the courts. Choosing your mediator becomes your next major decision in terms of navigating the divorce process. Here are some important factors to consider as you make this important decision.

How Long Will A Divorce Take In Minnesota?

How Long Will A Divorce Take In MinnesotaOnce you have made the decision to divorce, many couples think that the process cannot move fast enough. In the state of Minnesota, a divorce can take as few as 4-8 weeks. Minnesota is a “no-fault” state so you will be granted a divorce as long as one of the parties request one. A divorce is granted without any consideration of wrongdoing, but that can factor in when determining the financial settlement. Either you or your spouse is required to have lived in the state for 6 months before your divorce can be granted in Minnesota. Divorce mediation allows you to complete the entire divorce process in a shorter amount of time, without waiting on the schedule of lawyers or the court

Prioritizing Your Kids During Divorce

Prioritizing Your Kids During DivorceWhen you think about your family and your life, most adults will say that their children are the most important thing in your entire world. If you are under any type of stress–work, financial or interpersonal, you work hard to protect your kids from the pain. As you might expect, couples who are struggling in their marriage and contemplating divorce, tend to worry most about the impact on their children. Johnson Mediation can help you navigate divorce while prioritizing the mental health and wellbeing of your kids. Choosing divorce mediation instead of litigation

A Guide To Navigating Divorce

A Guide To Navigating DivorceThe idea of navigating a divorce can be overwhelming. Every couple out there needs support to be able to get through the process in an even somewhat healthy way. Johnson Mediation focuses on helping couples just like you take the necessary steps to finalize your divorce, without an undue financial or emotional burden. We can guide you through the process, step by step, with the goal of making it easier and less stressful than litigation. Here are a few of the key steps that we can help you with:

1. Communication: Communication with your ex during the divorce process can be the cause of significant stress. Our team can provide you with tools, resources and strategies for positive and productive

Settle Your Divorce With Less Conflict

Settle Your Divorce With Less ConflictEach divorce is unique – and part of what adds to the individual nature of divorce is the complexity of each case. This complexity can come in many forms. Your divorce may be complicated because of the intense conflict between you and your spouse, the inability for productive communication, or it can be related to financial issues including joint property, assets and debt. No matter how complicated your divorce, you have options when it comes to how to settle the terms of your divorce. Just because your divorce is complicated does not mean that you have to