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Is My Marriage Over?

Is My Marriage Over?Only you and your spouse can truly decide if your marriage is over. Couples make the difficult decision to divorce for many different reasons and no one can truly tell you whether your marriage is really over but you. Deciding to divorce is a major life decision that impacts every member of your family so it should not be taken lightly. Divorce is a choice – and staying together is as well. You have the power to make that choice and it is important that you spend time thinking about all of the consequences for separating and staying together. If you have been considering divorce, here are some questions to ask yourself to help you

Avoiding Common Custody Issues This Summer

Avoiding Common Custody Issues this SummerCovid -19 seem’s to be slowing down and people are getting ready for traveling and family get togethers. Summer is almost here and if you are like many families, schedules change significantly once school finishes for the kids. It is important to try to avoid conflict with your ex and serious problems with your custody agreement. This may feel easier said than done. Here are some tips for avoiding common custody issues this summer

Tips For Surviving A Divorce This Year

Tips For Surviving A Divorce This YearThere is no way to make divorce easy, but there are ways to position yourself so that you can navigate the process successfully, with less overall stress. Here are some tips for actions that you can take now so that you are ready when it is time to navigate the process.

1. Get organized: Use any extra time you have to get organized before the divorce process begins. The only way that you can make sound decisions about how to divide property and determine how your children should divide their time is to have a true sense of your overall picture

Is Divorce Mediation Effective When Conflict Is High

Is Divorce Mediation Effective When Conflict Is HighEvery relationship is different, and every divorce is different. Some relationships have extremely high conflict and that is the primary reason for the separation. If this applies to you, you may assume that your only option to settle the terms of your divorce is to hire a lawyer and fight it out in the courts. You may be surprised to learn that mediation is another option for couples is divorce mediation. Johnson Mediation specializes in divorce mediation services for couples with even the most difficult and longstanding conflict

Understanding Divorce Trends During COVID-19

Understanding Divorce Trends During COVID-19It is too early to know where the national statistics for divorce will land during the COVID-19 pandemic. First reports seem somewhat mixed. While many lawyers and mediators are reporting more inquiries and consultations for their services, early data is also showing that actual divorce rates may be trending downward. Some factors that might be playing into this potential discrepancy are:

1. Flexibility: Individuals want flexibility and control where they can get it: Mediation services are highly sought after during the pandemic because you can work through legal issues without ever setting foot in a courtroom

Understanding The Basics Of Divorce Mediation

Understanding The Basics Of Divorce MediationDivorce mediation is a relatively simple process that can save you time and money when it comes to settling the terms of your divorce. Understanding the basics of the process can help you navigate it with less stress. During the Covid pandemic online divorce mediation became popular and is still the prefered method of completing the divorce mediation process. Online mediation is more convinent and saves time and money. Here are some basic pieces of information that are helpful for couples to know before the process begins

Mediation Services That Work For You

Mediation Services That Work For YouAt Johnson Mediation, we provide mediation for couples who have decided that divorce is their best option. We have the skill and experience to help you navigate an effective and efficient divorce: depth of mediation experience; knowledge of Minnesota divorce law; and compassion for our clients.

We are able to tailor our mediation services to best meet your needs and the needs of your family. If you have children, you probably are already very aware that your divorce will certainly affect them. In addition to helping you create a workable parenting agreement that prepares your kids for their lives

Divorce Mediation Free Consultation Offering

Divorce Mediation Free Consultation OfferingIf you and your spouse have been thinking about whether divorce is the best next step for you and your family, you are not alone. The decision to divorce is not one that is taken lightly. In fact, most couples spend weeks, months or even years trying to decide if it is the best path forward. It marks a huge change in the life of a family, one that can have many consequences (both negative and positive) for adults and children. If you are considering divorce but are unsure how best to move forward and navigate the process, you may want to consider a free consultation with a mediator. A mediator can explain

Should We try Mediation Before Litigation to Settle Our Divorce?

Should We try Mediation Before Litigation to Settle Our DivorceOne of the most common questions we get when we talk to prospective clients is whether they should consider mediation or go through the court system to settle the terms of their divorce. When people think about a traditional divorce, divorce lawyers, a courtroom and a judge generally come to mind. That is a very dated vision of how divorce really works these days. In fact, you should know that the Minnesota courts actually encourage couples to try mediation before proceeding through the courts. This may surprise you, but it is truly beneficial for all involved. Johnson Mediation can help you navigate the divorce process from start to finish

Steps to Consider When You Decide to Work With a Divorce Mediator

Steps to Consider When You Decide to Work With a Divorce MediatorIf you and your spouse have decided to hire a divorce mediator to help you settle the terms of your divorce, you probably have a good idea on the issues that need to be resolved. For most couples, the major issues are deciding on a plan for parenting time, deciding how to divide your joint property, assets and debts, and determining whether or not you need to factor spousal or child support into your settlement. Divorce mediation is different than litigation in large part because you are in control of the outcomes. Here are some tips to put yourself in the best possible position for successful divorce mediation: