Children First Mediation

Children First MediationIf you and your spouse have children and have made the difficult decision to divorce, it is critically important to keep the needs of your children at the heart of every decision you make.  You may feel extreme anger, sadness, frustration, disappointment about the loss of your marriage, but none of this is your children’s fault. It is unfortunately very easy to let those intense emotions impact your kids. Child first mediation is a highly effective tool that can empower you and your ex to come up with ways to settle your divorce without furthering the conflict and adversarial nature of your relationship.

Post Divorce Child Support Services

Post Divorce Child Support ServicesIf you have been divorced for any length of time, you likely know that questions, concerns and problems can come up between you and your ex-spouse related to your children at anytime. The fact is that you cannot predict the future when you sign your divorce papers. You make the best decisions you can with the information that you have at the time about your new living situation, based on current circumstances and your children’s best interest at the time.

Children First Mediation Services

Child Mediation ServicesWhen you decide to separate or divorce and you share children, your top priority is very likely the well-being of your kids. You must settle many important issues regarding how your children will be parented after the divorce, including a custody agreement as well as the negotiation of child support. Johnson Mediation offers comprehensive mediation services to help families navigate the entire divorce process and move forward with a positive and healthy life. Our team understands how important your kid’s well- being is to you and we will make sure to put your family first every step of the way.

Male Divorce Mediation Services Minnetonka, Minnesota

Male Divorce Mediation Minnetonka, MinnesotaWe all have people in our lives who make us feel more or less comfortable than others. The same is true in the world of divorce mediation. If you are in the market for a divorce mediator and would be more comfortable working with a male divorce mediator, Johnson Mediation is an excellent choice.

Jeff Johnson of Johnson Mediation is a highly trained divorce mediator. He has demonstrated  a history of excellent advocacy in divorce mediation, and the entire Johnson Mediation team is committed to ensuring

Parenting Help During and After a Divorce

Parenting Help During and After a DivorceEvery member of your family is impacted by a divorce. Divorce brings with it many changes that can be difficult, especially for your children. The way that you parent during this transition is one very important way that you can set your kids up to move forward in a positive and healthy way. This can be challenging, especially if you and your divorcing spouse have a relationship with high conflict. Your kids deserve the best from both of you and Johnson Mediation offers parenting support services to help you navigate this difficult experience.

Complicated Divorce Attorney Victoria, MN

Divorce Mediation Free ConsultationNearly every single divorce has its share of complicating factors. When you attempt to divide important aspects of your life, your property and custody of your children, nothing is simple. Hiring a divorce attorney and going through the traditional court system can further complicate the issues and increase the overall conflict between you and your divorcing spouse. Divorce mediation is an alternative to proceeding through the court to settle important aspects of your divorce and offers couples a way to take control over the end of their marriage. Mediation can also lay a strong foundation for more positive communication and co-parenting after a divorce is final. Johnson Mediation specializes in helping couples through even the most complex situations so that they can move forward in a healthy way.