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Parenting Consultant Can Help Parents Follow Court OrdersSharing custody of children can be one of the most difficult transitions after a divorce. You and your spouse are very likely both used to seeing your children each and every day. Sharing custody means that your kids spend some portion of their time with you and some portion of their time with your ex. Navigating custody agreements and court orders are a challenge for many couples.

A parenting consultant may be able to help you resolve issues surrounding parenting time, disciplinary issues, parenting styles, scheduling conflicts and issues with school and extracurricular activities. A parenting consultant’s main goal is to help mediate parenting issues that come up and help you keep your focus on what is best for your children. Johnson Mediation offers parenting consulting services for couples in Minnesota.

Role of a Parenting Consultant

You can decide to work with a parenting consultant, or the court can appoint one for your case. Minnesota courts are simply not set up to handle all issues that come up regarding custody and parenting agreements. Parenting consulting offers a way to resolve these issues without going through the traditional court system. If you and your co-parenting partner are unable to resolve the issue at hand, the parenting consultant can actually make decisions that are in the best interest of your kids.

When you agree to work with a parenting consultant, you will first try to resolve the parenting related issue via mediation. If you cannot resolve the issue using mediation, then the parenting consultant will make a decision in the dispute. If both you and your ex agree with the decision, the process is complete. However, if one of you does not agree, you can then take the issue to the courts.

Benefits of Working with a Parenting Consultant

Working with a parenting consulting offers structure, accountability and guidance about difficult parenting issues during the divorce process when emotions are especially high. Working with a parenting consultant often empowers both parties to put the children’s needs first and focus on collaborative co-parenting strategies rather than increasing overall conflict. It is critically important for both parties to follow the direction of the court – and working with a parenting consultant gives you the best chance of following the court orders that are in place for your case.

Minnesota Parenting Consulting Services

If you have questions about parenting consulting or wonder if it would be a good option for you to pursue, contact the team at Johnson Mediation at 952-401-7599 for more information or to schedule a free consultation.