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Prioritizing Your Kids During DivorceWhen you think about your family and your life, most adults will say that their children are the most important thing in your entire world. If you are under any type of stress–work, financial or interpersonal, you work hard to protect your kids from the pain. As you might expect, couples who are struggling in their marriage and contemplating divorce, tend to worry most about the impact on their children. Johnson Mediation can help you navigate divorce while prioritizing the mental health and wellbeing of your kids. Choosing divorce mediation instead of litigation allows you to protect your kids from additional pain and conflict. Here are three important benefits of mediation that can help you keep your focus on what is most important – your kids.

1. Lower the conflict: Mediation can actually help reduce the overall conflict during the divorce process. The process is built on the foundation of cooperation and compromise, allowing you to focus on solutions and your future, rather than the pain and difficulty of your past. Lowering the level of conflict during the divorce process will also set up a new dynamic between you and your spouse that can illustrate to your kids that you two can work together, especially when it benefits them.
2. Faster resolution: Mediation takes a matter of weeks to complete. You can expect to meet (in person or virtually) 3. 4 times over a 6-12 week period of time. During that time, you will be able to resolve all outstanding issues in your divorce including division of property, child custody/parenting agreement, and spousal maintenance and child support. Litigation can take 6-9 months and sometimes longer to complete.
3. Lower stress: Mediation decreases overall conflict, takes less time and costs less than litigation. All of those factors lead to a less stressful process for you and your kids. When you are less stressed, your kids will worry less about you and the unpredictable nature of the circumstances.

Benefits Of Divorce Mediation For Your Kids

The Minnesota court system encourages all couples to try mediation to resolve the terms of your divorce before you proceed through the traditional court system. This is for many reasons, but we believe that mediation allows you to put your kids first in the process, reduce the conflict and protect them from some of the difficulty of a highly contentious divorce. For more information about our divorce mediation services, call Johnson Mediation at 952-401-7599.