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Reduce the Level of Conflict Surrounding Toxic Divorce

Reduce the Level of Conflict Surrounding Toxic DivorceA toxic divorce can mean different things to different couples. For some, it is characterized by intense conflict, anger and feelings of hostility, feelings of judgement or being married to a narcissist spouse. For many, the conflict can spill into all aspects of your life and make it feel unescapable. If you have decided that it is time to finally take that first step toward divorce, Johnson Mediation can help. Our team has experience reducing the level of conflict surrounding a toxic divorce and can give you the support and resources you need to finally move forward.

Negotiating a Summer Vacation Schedule after Divorce

Negotiating a Summer Vacation Schedule after DivorceIf you and your family have gone through a divorce over the last few months, you may have a parenting plan in place that outlines how your kids spend their time. Whether this has worked well or needs to be adjusted a bit, summer is often a time that requires some flexibility and potentially changes to a custody agreement. Vacations, changes in day care/school schedule depending on your kids age can turn a schedule that is currently working upside down. Don’t let this stress you out – the staff at Johnson Mediation can help you navigate any changes that you need.

Tips For Managing Issues After Divorce

Tips for Managing Issues After DivorceIf you have recently been through a divorce, you may realize now that just because the divorce papers have been signed, there are still issues you need to be able to resolve with your ex. While you may wish this was not the case, it is the case for nearly every single divorced couple…especially if you have children. So, you may wonder how to manage these issues when they come up and we are here to help. Johnson Mediation offers post-divorce mediation that can help resolve all types of issues after you are divorced in a fair and productive way, without increasing conflict. Here are some tips from our team that can help

Child Family Plan Modifications In MN

Child Family Plan ModificationsJohnson Mediation, based in Chanhassen, MN, provides professional help and guidance for child family plan modifications. Families who have gone through divorce have a new insight into a difficult life experience. Divorce is a stressful experience, even when the divorcing parents have minimal conflict and work together to end their marriage. If you worked with Johnson Mediation to finalize your divorce, you know that we prioritize the well-being of children in the mediation process. And if the agreement that you and your former spouse reached through divorce mediation needs to be modified

The Role of a Parenting Time Expeditor

The Role of a Parenting Time ExpeditorParenting after a divorce can be a complex and delicate balancing act. Johnson Mediation recognizes the importance of effective co-parenting and offers a valuable service known as the Parenting Time Expeditor (PTE) to help families navigate potential challenges.

Understanding the Role of a PTE

A Parenting Time Expeditor is a neutral third party who assists divorced or separated parents in resolving disputes related to parenting time

Child Custody Issues in Minnesota

Child Custody Issues in MinnesotaWhen you and your spouse divorce and you have kids, one of the main points of stress is how to develop a parenting plan and/or a custody agreement. Your children did not make the decision to divorce yet their lives are significantly impacted by this change. You may be wondering how to approach the custody process in a way that keeps your children’s best interest at the center of these decisions. Johnson Mediation is an experienced mediation company that specializes in helping families navigate the divorce process with a child-focused approach, conserving financial resources and reducing overall conflict.