Parenting Consultant Can Help Parents Follow Court Orders

Parenting Consultant Can Help Parents Follow Court OrdersSharing custody of children can be one of the most difficult transitions after a divorce. You and your spouse are very likely both used to seeing your children each and every day. Sharing custody means that your kids spend some portion of their time with you and some portion of their time with your ex. Navigating custody agreements and court orders are a challenge for many couples.

A parenting consultant may be able to help you resolve issues surrounding parenting time, disciplinary issues, parenting styles, scheduling conflicts and issues with school

Separating Partners Mediation Services

Separating Partners Mediation ServicesThere probably are not many statements more obvious than, “ending a significant relationship is difficult.”  Major transitions in relationships—divorce for married couples and separation for non-married partners—is difficult in the best of circumstances.  If you and your partner are not married but are in need of assistance with your separation process, Johnson Mediation can help you.  We can be especially helpful to you if you share children. Located in Chanhassen, Minnesota, we have help many couples separate and go on with their lives.

Unmarried Parents’ Mediator in South Metro

Unmarried Parents’ Mediator in South MetroParents in the process of divorce are becoming increasingly aware of the many benefits of divorce mediation as the preferred method for settling issues at the end of their marriage. However, unmarried parents, for whom divorce is not the most accurate description of the way their relationships end, may not realize that mediation is also available to them. When unmarried people have children, they may be in even greater need of the services of a professionally trained and highly experienced mediation service. In the south metro, we believe that Johnson Mediation is the best option for unmarried parents in need of mediation services.

Child Support Agreement for Non-Married Parents

Unmarried couple seperatingUnmarried couples who share children can make their own agreements for important issues such as child support, child custody and visitation. Whether you are married or not, when children are involved, it is critically important to make sure that plans are in place that put your kids’ well-being first. Communication during a separation is very often strained, so investing in mediation sessions may be a productive way to handle many issues related to your split – including how to handle child support agreements. Johnson Mediation focuses on helping families through these difficult transitions by facilitating positive and productive communication that result in workable solutions for all involved.

Non-Married Parents Separating

Divorcing non-marriedAny separation is difficult, but when there’s a child involved and you’re unmarried, it can be particularly stressful and challenging to begin separating from your partner. Especially if you and your former partner are no longer on good speaking terms, or if your only conversations end in heated debate, then you may need someone to help you work through the specifics of your separation, particularly where your child is concerned. At Johnson Mediation, we provide Chanhassen, MN mediation for non-married parents who are separating, helping separated couples reach legally equitable agreements about their parenting time and custody, visitation, child support, and division of property that aids in the rearing of the child.