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I Need A Mediator for my Divorce In Minnesota

I Need A Mediator for my Divorce In MinnesotaIf you have made the important but difficult decision to divorce and have decided to pursue mediation to settle the terms, you may be left wondering how to choose the best mediator for your situation. All divorces are different, and you and your soon to be ex-spouse have to make some VERY important decisions. A couple of examples would include, how to fairly separate your joint assets and property, developing a parenting plan that puts your children first and determining whether child or spousal support is needed. Here are some things to look for when…

Divorce Communication Expert

Divorce Communication ExpertWhen you talk to individuals who have been through a divorce, many will tell you that communication breakdown was one major factor in the cause of the divorce. When conflict is high, communication becomes extremely difficult and contentious. However, in order to settle the terms of your divorce and then co-exist after your divorce is final, it is very important to find a way to communicate in a healthy way, if at all possible. Johnson Mediation can help you find solutions to the outstanding issues that remain between you including child custody, division of property and assets and child and spousal support, while helping you improve your communication.

Jeff Johnson is a trained mediator and has been through a divorce himself, so as a divorce communication expert, he has successfully worked with many Minnesota couples to resolve conflict and move forward. As your divorce mediator, Jeff will encourage you to set goals, communicate clearly

Why Are Divorces Common In The New Year?

Why Are Divorces Common In The New Year? Did you know that January is the most common month for divorce? In fact, it is sometimes known as Divorce month. There may be many reasons for this – it is just after the holidays; couples may decide that they need a fresh start for the new year and that it is to let go of things that are no longer healthy. If you are finding yourself looking ahead to the new year with divorce on the horizon, we can help. Johnson Mediation specializes in divorce support for couples in Minnesota. We offer a wide variety of services to help you navigate the divorce process with less stress and more control over the outcome.

Finding a Mediator Near Me

Finding a Mediator Near Me | Divorce Mediator MNHave you decided to try mediation to settle the terms of your divorce, instead of heading through the court system? This is a very wise decision and one that is even endorsed by the Minnesota courts. The court system simply cannot accommodate all divorce cases and many of these cases can be resolved without hiring lawyers and waiting on courtroom and judge availability. So, how do you find a mediator near you that is experienced, competent, and knowledgeable about Minnesota law and is compassionate, kind and easy to connect with?

Child Family Plan Modifications

Child Family Plan ModificationsJohnson Mediation, based in Chanhassen, MN, provides professional help and guidance for child family plan modifications. Families who have gone through divorce have a new insight into a difficult life experience. Divorce is a stressful experience, even when the divorcing parents have minimal conflict and work together to end their marriage. If you worked with Johnson Mediation to finalize your divorce, you know that we prioritize the well-being of children in the mediation process. And if the agreement that you and your former spouse reached through divorce mediation needs to be modified, Johnson Mediation has the skill, experience and knowledge of Minnesota law to make the necessary modifications.

In an ideal world, changes to a family plan that is built around the welfare of your children should be simple and the process of making those changes would be easy. Child Family Plan Modifications do not need to be terribly complicated

Online Divorce Mediation Near Me

Online Divorce Mediation Near MeCOVID-19 has turned our lives upside down and has forced us to slow down, social distance and stay home when possible. However, even though the virus continues to spread in our community, our lives cannot simply stop until we have a vaccine. One extremely positive outcome of living through this unusual time is that our society has been forced to virtualize many different events and processes that cannot safely happen at the present time. We are working from home more, graduation celebrations and senior proms have been held virtually, and we have all gotten used to logging into Zoom