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Male Personalized Divorce Support

Male Personalized Divorce SupportMany of the divorce support and parenting support services that we offer and that are offered by other mediation firms like ours are built on compromise and working together to find a resolution. In fact, this is exactly what mediation means – helping two opposing parties work together to resolve a conflict. These services are highly effective and efficient and can help families make decisions about how to divide property, and how to divide parenting time without a lengthy and costly court battle. However, there are times when you need individualized support through this process as well. You may be able to find that with your family or friend network, but if you think that you could benefit from some individual help from a professional, our divorce coaching service might be right for you.

When we serve as your divorce coach, we provide you with tailored, individualized support during the divorce process. We only work with one party

Divorce Mediation Or Divorce Coaching?

One of the many advantages of divorce mediation is that it can reduce, if not completely eliminate, the stress of the disagreement and conflict that accumulates between divorcing spouses. Divorce mediators are trained to help couples who are struggling to get along find common ground. When a couple reaches the point of deciding to divorce, they often find that the divorce mediator has helped them resolve many of the issues that have built up between them. A positive outcome is that many divorced couples are able to find a greater degree of health in their relationships after their marriages have ended than at any point during their marriages.

Is My Marriage Over?

Is My Marriage Over?Only you and your spouse can truly decide if your marriage is over. Couples make the difficult decision to divorce for many different reasons and no one can truly tell you whether your marriage is really over but you. Deciding to divorce is a major life decision that impacts every member of your family so it should not be taken lightly. Divorce is a choice – and staying together is as well. You have the power to make that choice and it is important that you spend time thinking about all of the consequences for separating and staying together. If you have been considering divorce, here are some questions to ask yourself to help you

Is Divorce Mediation Effective When Conflict Is High

Is Divorce Mediation Effective When Conflict Is HighEvery relationship is different, and every divorce is different. Some relationships have extremely high conflict and that is the primary reason for the separation. If this applies to you, you may assume that your only option to settle the terms of your divorce is to hire a lawyer and fight it out in the courts. You may be surprised to learn that mediation is another option for couples is divorce mediation. Johnson Mediation specializes in divorce mediation services for couples with even the most difficult and longstanding conflict

Online Divorce Coaching

Online Divorce CoachingNavigating a divorce is extremely difficult, even during normal times. However, the events of the recent months have made navigating daily life more complicated and this is impacting our relationships and our ability to problem solve and move forward. Johnson Mediation is offering virtual divorce coaching for those who are looking for individualized support from a professional. No need to meet in person. Everything is accomplished on Zoom in the comfort of your own space.

Here are some of the most common issues our divorce coach can help you with:

Resolving Conflict With Your Ex After Divorce

Resolving Conflict With Your Ex After DivorceFor many couples, your relationship does not end when you sign your divorce papers. If you are ready to move forward with your life, you may look to that moment as the end of your relationship, but it can be simply the beginning of a new phase of your relationship. No matter how you settled your divorce and how much conflict was between the two of you, post-divorce mediation can help you manage new issues that come up after your divorce is final. Johnson Mediation specializes in post-divorce mediation for those in the Chanhassen, Minnesota area.