My Ex And I Are Divorced But Cannot Agree. Can Mediation Help Us?

Signing divorce papers may be the official end to your marriage, but it is often just the beginning of a new phase of your relationship. There are many issues that can come up once a divorce is final that might not need litigation, but that cannot be resolved without assistance. Post-divorce mediation is ideal for solving a wide range of issues that come up after a divorce is final. So, when you find that you and your ex-spouse cannot agree on an issue about child custody, or child or spousal support, contact the team at Johnson Mediation for assistance.

Individual Divorce Support

Individual Divorce SupportWhen you are going through a divorce, you can expect to need significant support from family, friends, loved ones, and co-workers. In addition to getting this important support from your social network, it can be extremely helpful to also seek support from professionals who are experienced with the process of divorce and can help you navigate this difficult time. A therapist or counselor can offer specific support that might be especially useful and a divorce coach can provide support and guidance when you need it most. This individual divorce support can help you more clearly see your path forward.

Minnesota Divorce Coaching

Minnesota Divorce CoachingFor some, divorce is one of the hardest things they ever have to do. When you’re going through a divorce, no matter what your feelings may be about the situation, it’s an emotionally draining, financially taxing, and time-consuming process – unless you have help. At Johnson Mediation, we specialize in helping anyone going through a divorce not only get through it as quickly and affordably as possible, but also get through it with a positive outlook for the future. When you work with our Chanhassen divorce coaching expert, you’ll be able to talk through issues regarding the legal divorce process, your own feelings about the divorce, accomplishing your personal goals after your divorce, and more. We want you to feel comfortable and ensure you get exactly the help that’s right for you, so if you’re looking for local divorce coaching to help make your life easier in this trying time, look no further.