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What Is The Mediation Success Rate In MN?

What Is The Mediation Success Rate In MN?You may already know that the Minnesota court system recommends that all couples try mediation to resolve the terms of a divorce before attempting litigation. You may wonder why that is the recommendation. Mediation is less expensive and takes less time than litigation and that is certainly part of the reason. What you might not be aware of is just how successful mediation is. Mediation can be more than 85% effective in divorce cases, even when child custody is a factor. Both parties are often more satisfied with the outcome and the results are more long lasting. That is a very high success rate, especially given that many couples enter the divorce process with…

Can Divorce Be Respectful And Honest?

Can Divorce Be Respectful And Honest?In addition to providing our support and guidance to divorcing couples regarding Minnesota’s divorce laws, Johnson Mediation has earned a reputation for being a divorce mediation provider that also prioritizes the well-being of its clients. We care about the people we serve, and we do our best to help them understand the possibilities that can grow out of the divorce process. Above all else, we serve our clients with honesty and respect. This approach gives the individuals we work with a more accurate understanding of the divorce process and what life will feel like after divorce. Prioritizing honesty and combining it with our knowledge of the laws governing divorce in Minnesota, allows a divorcing couple to move on to the next chapter in their lives and minimize the surprises that can be painfully disruptive and jolting.

Qualities Of A Good Divorce Mediator

Qualities Of A Good Divorce MediatorTo be good at divorce mediation requires the development of many different kinds of skills. Good divorce mediators must have natural empathy, knowledge of divorce law (specifically Minnesota divorce law), excellent communication skills, even better listening skills, and the capacity to solve problems. In addition, good divorce mediators empower their clients to move on to the next chapters of their lives.

Johnson Mediation understands that every adult relationship is different. As a consequence, each couple that comes to us having

Should I Choose Mediation or Litigation?

Should I Choose Mediation or Litigation? | Common Divorce Questions MNThe Minnesota court system is now encouraging couples to try to settle their divorce using divorce mediation rather than the traditional litigation process. This is a surprise to many who begin the divorce process and assume that the only real option for resolution is through the courts. You may be wondering exactly why the court system is encouraging mediation? Here are some of the reasons:

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5 Of The Top Divorce Questions

5 Of The Top Divorce Questions Legally and emotionally dissolving your marriage takes a lot of time, energy and can be very difficult for all parties involved. There are so many variables and ways to address these emotions and details to consider as you take this major step forward. You may have many questions about the process and next steps as you make this very important and final decision. Below are 5 common questions that come up during divorce and the answers that can help guide you through the process of divorce:

How to Prepare for a Divorce

How to Prepare for a Divorce | Divorce Mediation MNThe decision to divorce does not happen overnight. Very often, a couple may take months if not years to make this final decision to end their marriage. A lot of time and emotional energy has already been spent reaching this difficult moment and then the divorce process begins. Continue reading for tips for how to prepare for the divorce process. If you decide to use divorce mediation to settle the terms of your divorce, call the team at Johnson Mediation at 952-401-7599.