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Create Your Divorce Mediation Plan

Create Your Divorce Mediation PlanMediation is an ideal tool to resolve the terms of your divorce and allow your family to move forward in the most positive and healthy way possible. Mediation has many benefits over litigation including a significantly lower cost, less time required, faster outcome and a better chance for long term success. Mediation empowers both parties to negotiate from equal positions, find common ground and illustrate to the children that compromise is possible. Mediation works well even for divorces with high conflict and the court system also encourages all couples to try it before going through the court system.

Benefits of a Divorce Mediation Consultation

Benefits of a Divorce Mediation ConsultationHiring a divorce mediator is a really important decision as you move ahead with your separation and divorce. A divorce mediator can help you settle the terms of your divorce, including developing your parenting plan, dividing your joint property, and deciding whether you need to think about spousal maintenance or child support. It is critical to establish a strong connection with your mediator and feel like you can be open and honest and ask the questions that are on your mind. Your mediator’s primary goal is to help you find common ground with your ex in order to find a path forward to your future

Is Divorce Mediation Faster than Litigation?

Is Divorce Mediation Faster than LitigationThe divorce process is complicated and if you hire lawyers and go through the court system, you can easily expect it to take many months to resolve. You must work around the schedule of your attorneys as well as the judge and even the courtroom. The average divorce that is litigated can take anywhere between six to twenty-four months to complete. That means that your family may be in limbo for an extended period, which can take a huge emotional toll on you and your family, especially if you share kids.

Agreeing on a Divorce Mediator

Agreeing on a Divorce MediatorYou may have heard about the many benefits of using divorce mediation to settle the terms of your divorce. It is affordable, saves you money, takes less time than a court battle, is entirely confidential and allows you and your ex to shape your own future. It is important, however, not to underestimate how important it is to find the right mediator for you. Mediation only works if both parties voluntarily agree to participate, and the resolution is only successful if both parties really buy in. While your mediator does not decide how to settle your case, he/she serves as an incredibly important role in the process. Jeff Johnson, founder of Johnson Mediation, is a trusted and capable mediator that brings both extraordinary skill and personal experience with divorce to each case he works on.

Benefits of Mediation in 2024

Benefits of Mediation in 20242024 is finally here and many of us have made New Year’s resolutions or maybe just some broad goals to strive for in the new year. Whether your goals include exercise, improved health, interpersonal improvements, mindfulness, commitment to reducing time on your phone, there is likely at least one theme of most of our new year’s goals – peace. Relaxing, reducing conflict in your life and self-care all contribute to finding that peace in the new year. Johnson Mediation believes that the services that we provide can help you and your family find peace in certain situations. If you have made the very difficult

Can a Mediator Make Decisions in my Divorce?

Can a Mediator Make Decisions in my Divorce?When you decide to use divorce mediation to resolve the terms of your divorce, it is critically important to understand the role of the mediator. A mediator is not like a judge in a divorce case. While a judge hears both sides of a legal argument and makes a determination. Mediation is entirely voluntary, and a mediator does not render a verdict in your case. Instead, your mediator will facilitate a series of discussions that will empower the two parties to come to a decision together. Here are some key elements of the role of a mediator when it comes to the divorce process