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Amending Your Parenting Plan Before The Holidays

Amending Your Parenting Plan Before The HolidaysThe holidays are fast approaching and if you have been through a divorce and are co-parenting, you likely have a parenting plan in place that outlines how your children will spend their time over the holiday season. This parenting plan or custody agreement may have been negotiated during the divorce process. However, as your kids age and family circumstances change, these parenting plans may need to be changed to meet everyone’s needs. Your kids may have different preferences, your family may have new traditions, or you or your ex may have remarried and have a blended family. Changes in a parenting plan

Can I Use Mediation After My Divorce?

Can I Use Mediation After My Divorce?Whether or not you used mediation to resolve the terms of your divorce, once that divorce is final, you will almost certainly find that issues come up that still need to be resolved. This is especially true if you share children. Mediation is an ideal option for families who need to settle issues even well after a divorce is final. Some of the most common issues that come up that may need the support of a mediator to resolve include:

Changes to parenting plan: Perhaps the most common issue

Improving Communication In The New Year

Improving Communication In The New YearWe all are guilty of making new year’s resolutions and by the time February rolls around, those resolutions are forgotten. If one of your goals for 2022 is to improve communication with your spouse (or your ex), then consider working with the team at Johnson Mediation. We specialize in divorce mediation and parenting support services that can help families navigate complex and difficult situations with less conflict. We work with couples who have made the difficult decision to divorce, individuals who are co-parenting after a breakup or divorce, or families who are simply trying to make some big decisions about the future. With everything going on around us, schedule changes are huge.

How To Prepare For Your First Divorce Mediation Session

If you are like most divorcing couples, you have never gone through the divorce process. It can seem overwhelming, stressful and difficult. If you have chosen to pursue divorce mediation to resolve the terms of your divorce, you will want to be prepared for that process to maximize efficiency and give yourself the best chance for success. Much of the discussion will be guided by you, your spouse, and your family’s unique needs, but below are some topics that are commonly covered during divorce mediation…

Post-Divorce Help

Post-Divorce HelpThe most common reason to seek help after your divorce has been finalized is that your former spouse is acting in violation of your divorce agreement in some way. If a divorce process has been contentious and filled with conflict, it is not out of the realm of possibility that a former spouse could act spitefully or bitterly and try to make your life more difficult. When divorcing couples work with a qualified divorce mediator, that kind of behavior is less likely because of the emphasis on collaboration, cooperation, and mutual problem solving. However, most circumstances have exceptions, and mediated divorces have been known to result in post-divorce conflict

Co-parenting During The Pandemic

Co-parenting During the PandemicNormal life has been turned upside down in 2020 as families work to minimize their risk of exposure to COVID-19. If you are divorced and share custody of your children, this has likely become much more complicated for you. Some families are dealing with virtual school, a hybrid schedule, lack of normal extracurricular activities, and a complete change in schedule this year. One thing that COVID-19 will not change is the need to work together to co-parent with your children’s best interests at heart. Look for a divorce mediator, co-parenting specialist or just need some helpful suggestions from an expert?