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Save Money on Your Divorce

Save Money on Your DivorceA divorce can be a huge financial burden on a family and really do significantly long-term damage. Fortunately, there are ways to manage the divorce process without incurring this financial and emotional toll. Divorce mediation gives you the opportunity to settle the terms of your divorce without a costly court battle. The team at Johnson Mediation understands firsthand the financial impact of a divorce on a family. We strive to find ways to lift this burden by focusing on you, your family and your future. Allowing all of you to move past the divorce process and into the next phase of your life quickly and while saving money on your divorce.

Free Divorce Mediation Consultation

Free Divorce Mediation ConsultationMaking decisions about working with someone takes some time. Whether it is hiring a person for a job in your business or deciding on a healthcare provider for yourself or a family member, a good fit is very important. You need to know that you are comfortable communicating with the other person and that you have a similar view on the goals and outcomes of the partnership. The same holds true for choosing a mediator. If you and your spouse have decided to pursue a divorce using mediation, then you want to find a mediator who understands your goals and is a good overall fit. Johnson Mediation offers free

Family Focused Divorce

Family Focused Divorce

While divorce means that you are legally separating from your spouse, you and your spouse are certainly not the only two people who are impacted by the decision to divorce. If you share children, then you are likely trying your best to navigate the difficult process while keeping their best interests at heart. Using an alternative dispute service like divorce mediation to settle the terms of your divorce can help you stay focused on your goal of protecting your family and resolving issues in a healthy way. Johnson Mediation can help you stay focused on you, your family and your future throughout the divorce mediation process.

What To Expect During The Divorce Mediation Process

What To Expect During The Divorce Mediation ProcessDivorce is impossible to prepare for – even if you have known that your marriage was in trouble, it is a process that you do not fully understand until you go through it. Mediation is a highly effective way to settle the terms of your divorce without having to go through an expensive and stressful court battle. The team at Johnson Mediation has experience navigating divorces from start to finish and can help guide you through the process, answer your questions and find your way forward. We promise there is light at the end of the tunnel. Divorce mediation is the preferred process by the courts in Minnesota and the following is what you can expect from the divorce mediation process:

Can Mediation Work In An Adversarial Divorce?

Can Mediation Work In An Adversarial DivorceIf you and your ex cannot agree on anything and have a history of extreme conflict, you may assume that you have no choice but to litigate your divorce in the courts. After all, how could you possibly agree on how to settle important issues like child custody and division of your shared property if you could not ever agree before. Well, before you hire attorneys and move toward a bitter court battle, consider mediation as a low cost, less stressful alternative. The team at Johnson Mediation can guide you through even an adversarial divorce.

Post-Divorce Support Services

Post-Divorce SupportWhen you navigate your divorce and settle the terms, it is easy to think that that difficult and painful chapter of your life is over. For many, however, it is difficult to come to terms emotionally with the loss of this significant relationship. In addition, other logistical issues can also come up even after a divorce is final that stir up that conflict you thought was in the past. Johnson Mediation can provide you with support after your divorce so you can continue your positive

The Role Of A Mediator

The Role Of A MediatorDivorce is one of those things that is not easy to understand if you have not been through it. Most people imagine that divorce proceedings happen in a courtroom with lawyers doing most of the talking and a judge rendering a verdict about issues like child custody, property division and spousal support. However, for many couples around the country, there is quite a different picture for divorce. Divorce mediation puts the power of the decision making in the hands of the couple–rather than a judge. Mediation is less expensive, and takes far less time than litigation

How Long Does Mediation Take In A Divorce?

How Long Does Mediation Take In A DivorceOne of the most common questions that we are asked by our clients is how long they should expect the divorce mediation process to take. Every divorce is unique, and the settlement process can be different for different couples. In general, you can expect to participate in 3-4 two hour mediation sessions over the course of a few months. This can be a bit shorter or longer depending on the readiness of both parties to resolve the issues and the emotional state of each party. Johnson Mediation focuses on helping you navigate every aspect of the divorce process, from start to finish, so that you can move forward

Non-Contact Divorce Options in Minnesota

Non-Contact Divorce Options in MinnesotaThe COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption in our daily lives. Many of us are working from home indefinitely, have children home completing school virtually and are asked to wear masks when we enter a place of business to slow the spread of the virus. For the last several months, time has seemed to slow down and it has been difficult to get routine tasks outside of the house completed. If you are in the process of a divorce or are beginning to think that’s where your marriage is headed, you may think that you have to put this on hold like so many other things right now. However, that is not the case.

Resolving Conflict With Your Ex After Divorce

Resolving Conflict With Your Ex After DivorceFor many couples, your relationship does not end when you sign your divorce papers. If you are ready to move forward with your life, you may look to that moment as the end of your relationship, but it can be simply the beginning of a new phase of your relationship. No matter how you settled your divorce and how much conflict was between the two of you, post-divorce mediation can help you manage new issues that come up after your divorce is final. Johnson Mediation specializes in post-divorce mediation for those in the Chanhassen, Minnesota area.