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Mediation Services That Work For YouAt Johnson Mediation, we provide mediation for couples who have decided that divorce is their best option. We have the skill and experience to help you navigate an effective and efficient divorce: depth of mediation experience; knowledge of Minnesota divorce law; and compassion for our clients.

We are able to tailor our mediation services to best meet your needs and the needs of your family. If you have children, you probably are already very aware that your divorce will certainly affect them. In addition to helping you create a workable parenting agreement that prepares your kids for their lives following the divorce, we can help by offering you Parenting Coaching, which is a service based on one parent working with a coach to address such matters as communication between you and your former spouse, conflict resolution, and agreeing on time spent with your children if custody is shared. A Parenting Coach works with only one member of the divorcing couple.

Support During Your Divorce

Traditional divorce mediation offers both divorcing spouses with coaching, of course, but Parenting Coaching is a more specific service for one of the divorcing spouses. If you and your spouse generally get along well, and if you do not anticipate problems coming to agreement on such things as child custody, traditional divorce mediation is likely the most suitable option. In divorce mediation, we will work with you and your spouse to establish areas of agreement, and then build on them. Doing so builds a solid foundation when trying to address matters of disagreement and/or conflict.

Divorce mediation is, for most couples, a more desirable option than divorcing through the court system. Divorce mediation not only tends to require less time and money to complete, it gives you and your spouse a better chance of helping you emerge from your divorce with a healthy relationship. Being able to communicate with your former spouse, especially if you share children, is priceless, but getting there often requires the help of a professional service like Johnson Mediation.

Reduce Conflict During The Divorce Process

It is not uncommon for divorced couples to struggle with communication after the divorce, but with the preparation we can provide, continued conflict is less likely to occur. Divorce is not easy for anyone, even if both spouses know that it is the correct decision. Because it is not easy, it is important to enter the process by working with a team that brings empathy, experience and knowledge of the process. Call us at (952) 401-7599 to schedule a convenient time for a free consultation.