Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services in MinnesotaNot all marriage vows end in happily ever after. The reality is that many marriages end in divorce. The way in which a couple decides to proceed through the divorce process can have a lasting impact on the family, including the children. Litigating dissolution of marriage inside of a courtroom is not the only option. Divorce mediation can lessen the discourse, cost and time it takes to reach a final resolution. Most Minnesota judges encourage couples to consider mediation as an alternative dispute resolution process. This allows individuals to take charge of their own divorce process and…

What Is Involved in a Social Early Neutral Evaluation?

Social Early Neutral EvaluationsDivorce is difficult for all involved – and when there are children involved this difficulty is compounded. Often, when custody issues cannot be resolved easily, a judge may decide to refer the case for what is called a Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE) process that is a confidential and relatively quick way to resolve the custody dispute. This process uses two professionals, generally one man and one woman. One of the professionals is a lawyer and the other a child specialist. Johnson Mediation offers comprehensive divorce mediation services and can complete a Social Early Neutral Evaluation when requested by the court system.

Financial Early Neutral Evaluation Company

Financial Early Neutral Evaluation CompanyA Financial Early Neutral Evaluation is a voluntary process that seeks to resolve and reduce the length and expense of prolonged court proceedings. These evaluations are similar to medication because it is an alternative form of divorce compared the typically hiring an attorney and going into litigation. These are sometimes preferred because they are non-binding and voluntary.

The biggest difference between mediation and a FENE is that with mediation, the mediator will attempt to have the parties reach a solution, without giving an evaluation of their case. When you choose to take the route of an evaluation, you take a quick evaluation and based on limited arguments and facts from both parties you make a goal to reach a resolution surrounding your financial issues.

Non-Married Parents Separating

Divorcing non-marriedAny separation is difficult, but when there’s a child involved and you’re unmarried, it can be particularly stressful and challenging to begin separating from your partner. Especially if you and your former partner are no longer on good speaking terms, or if your only conversations end in heated debate, then you may need someone to help you work through the specifics of your separation, particularly where your child is concerned. At Johnson Mediation, we provide Chanhassen, MN mediation for non-married parents who are separating, helping separated couples reach legally equitable agreements about their parenting time and custody, visitation, child support, and division of property that aids in the rearing of the child.

Process Of A Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE)

Chanhassen Mediation Services The Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE), was started in Minnesota several years ago in one county and has been adopted throughout many parts of the state. It is considered one of the norms when deciding custody for divorcing parents.

A Social Early Neutral Evaluation is a form of mediation because it helps dispute disagreements and create common grounds that both parties are happy with. These meetings are voluntary and non-binding. Although with normal mediation, the mediator will not take a position, yet with SENE the mediator’s task is to give recommendations they see as best fit for both parties.

Parenting Consultant Chanhassen

Chanhassen Divorce ConsultantParenting is already hard enough. Add a divorce to the mix, and your job as a parent gets infinitely more difficult. For parents who have separated, you’re not only dealing with raising your child, you’re trying to figure out how to raise your child the way you want to. In any relationship, parents have different ideas about how to best raise a child, including what rules to set, how to discipline children, what hours children should keep, what activities children should participate in… the list goes on. If you and your former spouse are having a difficult time communicating, compromising, or overall doing what’s best for your child, you may need the help of a parenting consultant. At Johnson Mediation, our Chanhassen, MN parenting consultants are here to help make sure your divorce does not stop your child from flourishing.