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Do I Have To Go To Court To Settle My Divorce?

Do I Have To Go To Court To Settle My DivorceThe first question that we get asked by many of our clients is whether Minnesota requires couples to go through the court system to settle the terms of a divorce. The answer is a definitive no. In fact, the Minnesota courts and judges actually encourage couples to try mediation before proceeding through the court litigation process. Divorce mediation has distict advantages of a tradional court divorce. Other states have started to follow the Minnesota couts lead by recommending and in some cases require couples try divorcde mediation first.

Busiest Month For Divorce

Busiest Month For DivorceDid you know that January is known to be the busiest month for divorces in our country? Whether this is related to new year’s resolutions, a new tax year, the intense stress of the holiday season, or simply looking for a fresh start, the new year marks the end of marriage, and a fresh start for many. If this is something that you are considering in the days and weeks leading up to January, you may want to spend some time preparing for this possibility for you and your family. Here are some tips for small things you can do now that will help you in the new year.

Divorce Resolution Using Mediation Services

Divorce Resolution Using Mediation ServicesJohnson Mediation offers a wide variety of resolution and mediation services for families in Minnesota that are navigating the divorce process. Alternative dispute resolution processes are highly effective, affordable and can lay the groundwork for a more positive relationship after divorce. The courts are extremely busy and cannot accommodate each and every divorce case. So, they actually require all couples to attempt an alternative dispute method before litigation (unless there are concerns about domestic violence. Here are some of the services we provide to families in the area

Can a Mediator Make Decisions in my Divorce?

Can a Mediator Make Decisions in my Divorce?When you decide to use divorce mediation to resolve the terms of your divorce, it is critically important to understand the role of the mediator. A mediator is not like a judge in a divorce case. While a judge hears both sides of a legal argument and makes a determination. Mediation is entirely voluntary, and a mediator does not render a verdict in your case. Instead, your mediator will facilitate a series of discussions that will empower the two parties to come to a decision together. Here are some key elements of the role of a mediator when it comes to the divorce process

Divorce Mediation Online Process

Divorce Mediation Online ProcessMany things have gone back to normal after the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but, for many, online meetings have remained a part of everyday life. If you work in an office setting, you may still even be working from home some days and have virtual meetings regularly. This was very unusual before 2020, but the reality is that there are some huge benefits to online meetings that have made it possible and even desirable to keep meetings in this format. Johnson Mediation moved to online divorce mediation sessions during the pandemic to help families successfully navigate the divorce process

What Do You Need To Know Before Getting A Divorce?

What Do You Need To Know Before Getting A DivorceYou might have been thinking about the idea of a divorce for a long time. Maybe you have been unsure if you were ready, if it would negatively impact your family, or if you had questions about whether you could survive financially. These are all very important questions as you consider this big decision. Here are some important pieces of information to know before you move ahead with a divorce:

1. Minnesota is a no-fault divorce state: In the state of Minnesota, the court will grant a divorce without considering who might be at fault