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How Long Will Divorce Mediation Take?

How Long Will Divorce Mediation Take?Mediation is becoming a very popular way to settle the terms of a divorce. In fact, the courts are now strongly encouraging all couples to try mediation first, before moving forward with litigation (traditional court process). This trend is not soon to change as mediation has many benefits, including taking less time (and money) than litigation. Johnson Mediation is a mediation firm that can help you through the divorce process from start to finish using mediation. One of the most common questions we receive about the mediation process is about how long it should take. Here are some things to help guide you on a timeline:

A Guide To Minnesota Divorce

A Guide To Minnesota Divorce

Since divorce is something that we hopefully only do at most once in our lives, it stands to reason that navigating the process is difficult. It just does not always make sense. We can find resources that can help guide you through this process to stay on track legally, emotionally and financially. Johnson Mediation helps couples, and families navigate divorce so that you can begin to look toward your future, rather than focusing on all of the pain of your past. Here are some tips as you begin the process to help guide you

Gathering The Documents I’ll Need For My Divorce

Gathering The Documents I’ll Need For My DivorcePreparing for divorce comes in many forms. You need to prepare emotionally, logistically and also consider tasks that you need to complete for the divorce process to begin. One thing that you can do now to prepare for the divorce process is to gather the important documents that you will need to settle the terms of your divorce whether you proceed via mediation or litigation.

Here is a list of documents that should be ready to share during the divorce proceedings:

Divorce Checklist In Minnesota

Divorce Checklist In MinnesotaTaking the steps to end your marriage can leave you feeling like you do not know where to begin. Processing the emotion of the decision is a lot on its own. But the fact is there are logistical steps that must be taken to complete the process. Below is a checklist that you can follow as you navigate your divorce.

1. Decide the mechanism you want to use to settle your divorce: You have a choice when it comes to how you settle your divorce: divorce mediation or litigation. Right now, for a variety of reasons

Divorce In Minnesota In 2022

Divorce in 20222022 is here, and after nearly 24 months of dealing with a pandemic, disruptions to school, work and everyday life, we are all hoping that the coming year brings calm and peace. For some families, this may actually mean moving forward with a divorce. If you have been considering divorce but have held off because of concerns related to COVID-19 and the impact on finances, schedules and health, you may be ready to consider taking the next step in 2022. Johnson Mediation is a divorce mediation firm based in Minnesota, who can guide you through this process with less stress, financial burden and emotional difficulty.

How to Prepare for a Divorce

How to Prepare for a Divorce | Divorce Mediation MNThe decision to divorce does not happen overnight. Very often, a couple may take months if not years to make this final decision to end their marriage. A lot of time and emotional energy has already been spent reaching this difficult moment and then the divorce process begins. Continue reading for tips for how to prepare for the divorce process. If you decide to use divorce mediation to settle the terms of your divorce, call the team at Johnson Mediation at 952-401-7599.