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Do I Have To Go To Court To Settle My Divorce?

Do I Have To Go To Court To Settle My DivorceThe first question that we get asked by many of our clients is whether Minnesota requires couples to go through the court system to settle the terms of a divorce. The answer is a definitive no. In fact, the Minnesota courts and judges actually encourage couples to try mediation before proceeding through the court litigation process. Divorce mediation has distict advantages of a tradional court divorce. Other states have started to follow the Minnesota couts lead by recommending and in some cases require couples try divorcde mediation first.

Divorce Planning Checklist

Divorce Planning ChecklistDivorce may not be something you have spent time planning (or hoping) for, and when you and your spouse decide that your marriage cannot survive, you may feel overwhelmed with emotion and with all of the things that must be done. The emotional and logistical aspects of a divorce can leave you unsure how to move forward. The staff at Johnson Mediation understands how difficult a divorce can be for you and your family. We have developed a divorce planning checklist to give you some guidance about how to take those first steps right away and how to stay on track so that you can move forward with your life.

Working Through the Grief of Divorce

Working Through the Grief of DivorceDivorce is a very emotional decision that impacts every member of your family. It is normal to feel intense sadness, anger, regret, anxiety and even grief. Even when the decision to divorce is mutual, you may still need to work through a sense of loss. If you share children and a home, you may grieve the loss of your marriage, your existing family unit, or your sense of security. It is really important to acknowledge these feelings and work through them so that you and your family can move forward in the healthiest way possible. Johnson Mediation offers a wide variety of divorce support services to help you navigate the divorce process, including post-divorce support services.

Busiest Month For Divorce

Busiest Month For DivorceDid you know that January is known to be the busiest month for divorces in our country? Whether this is related to new year’s resolutions, a new tax year, the intense stress of the holiday season, or simply looking for a fresh start, the new year marks the end of marriage, and a fresh start for many. If this is something that you are considering in the days and weeks leading up to January, you may want to spend some time preparing for this possibility for you and your family. Here are some tips for small things you can do now that will help you in the new year.

Minnesota Is A No-Fault Divorce State

Minnesota Is A No-Fault Divorce StateIf you live in the state of Minnesota and are considering a divorce, you should spend some time learning about Minnesota divorce law so that you can navigate the process as easily as possible. Here are a few facts about Minnesota law that can help you as you move forward:

1. Minnesota is a no-fault divorce state: In the state of Minnesota, you do not have to establish fault when you ask for a divorce. This means that the reason that you have decided to get a divorce does not play a part in the decision to grant the divorce.

Most Efficient Way to Settle the Terms of your Divorce

One of the most common questions we receive is about how long the divorce process takes. Once a couple makes the final decision to pursue divorce, the length of the divorce process can be a very frustrating aspect of the process. It is important to know that you have choices when it comes to how you settle the terms of your divorce that can reduce the time and money that you spend on the process. Divorce mediation takes far less time than traditional litigation and can be much less expensive as well. Divorce mediation also allows you to have more control over the outcome.