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Negotiating a Summer Vacation Schedule after DivorceIf you and your family have gone through a divorce over the last few months, you may have a parenting plan in place that outlines how your kids spend their time. Whether this has worked well or needs to be adjusted a bit, summer is often a time that requires some flexibility and potentially changes to a custody agreement. Vacations, changes in day care/school schedule depending on your kids age can turn a schedule that is currently working upside down. Don’t let this stress you out – the staff at Johnson Mediation can help you navigate any changes that you need.

Can I Change a Parenting Plan after Divorce?

The Minnesota court system does not have the capacity to hear about all of the schedule changes for individual families after divorce, and it can be difficult to navigate these negotiations without professional support and assistance. Post-divorce mediation is ideal for resolving issues related to the need for changes to a parenting plan or custody agreement. Through mediation, you and your ex can shape the solution and illustrate to your kids that you can be flexible and put your kid’s first. The mediation process focuses on compromise, finding common ground, collaboration and very often reduces existing conflict.

As summer approaches, so do changes to schedules. That’s just a fact of life with kids. Summer can be full of fun, but that can also be a bit stressful if you are newly divorced. Vacations, daycare and school closings, camps, and new extracurricular activities can wreak havoc on a new parenting plan or custody agreement. Change so soon after a divorce can cause tempers to rise and conflict to return as well. When you partner with the staff at Johnson Mediation, you can set the stress aside and find a way forward with effective, workable solutions. Mediation after divorce is very common and can be something that you use periodically to resolve issues that come up about custody, scheduling, parenting, communication, or finances.

Post-Divorce Mediation and Support in MN

There is one thing that we know about divorce – it does not mean that your relationship with your ex is over. That is especially true if you share children. Finding a trusted mediation firm that can help you when you need it can be a tool that lessens the stress and conflict after divorce and allows you to continue to heal and move forward. For more information about our post-divorce mediation and support services, call Johnson Mediation at 952-401-7599.