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Early Neutral Evaluation Services ExplainedIf you are going through a divorce and need assistance sorting out issues related to finances, parenting time or custody, an early neutral evaluation might be a helpful tool for your family. Johnson Mediation can complete both financial early neutral evaluations (FENE) or a social early neutral evaluation (ENE) to help your family settle these complicated issues without going through the long and expensive litigation process. Both of these processes are considered an alternative dispute resolution tool. Two important benefits of these processes are that they are completely voluntary and can significantly expedite the divorce settlement process.

What Is A Financial Early Neutral Evaluation?

The goal of a financial early neutral evaluation is to give both parties in a divorce an idea how an evaluator will view the financial settlement of a divorce. This process is usually started very early in the divorce process so that you can settle these issues without a long and expensive court battle. An FENE is entered into voluntarily and is ideal for a couple that needs to sort out a complex financial settlement. Minnesota law requires that a financial early neutral evaluation be completed in sixty days. This process can save you significant time, money and stress and is a huge step toward your divorce settlement.

What Is A Social Early Neutral Evaluation?

A social early neutral evaluation is a confidential process that can be used to resolve custody and parenting time issues in a short timeframe (usually completed within a month). In many cases, a family is referred to a social early neutral evaluation by a judge to settle the many complicated issues related to parenting time and custody. Generally, an ENE uses a male and female team who gathers information about the family dynamics, children’s needs and preferences and will make a settlement recommendation so that they can be discussed by both parties. If the parties agree, the decision can be sent to the referring judge and, if no settlement is reached, the judge will decide next steps.

Early Neutral Evaluations in Minnesota

The staff at Johnson Mediation has extensive experience completing early neutral evaluations for families in the Minnesota area. Divorce settlements are complicated, and each case is unique and these evaluations give families insight on how a professional assesses their situation so that they can make the best possible decision. For more information about these services, call us at 952-401-7599.