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Managing Your Emotions During DivorceEven though you may believe that divorce is what is best for your family, you may still be filled with emotion about the loss, the impact on your family and the overall circumstances. In terms of navigating divorce, you must deal with the logistical, financial and emotional impact of this massive change in your life. If you decide to have a mediated divorce, you may have access to more professional support for your emotion than you expect. While a divorce mediator does not make decisions about your case, your mediator can provide answers to your questions, guidance about Minnesota law and a personal and compassionate approach to the process. In addition, a mediation firm may also offer services that can provide you with that emotional support.

You may have many people in your personal life to lean on during this difficult time, but when you work with a mediation firm like Johnson Mediation, you can tap into other professional services to help you with this process including:

Divorce Coaching: A divorce coach is hired by an individual party to provide support during and after the divorce process. A divorce coach will work with you on communication strategies, help you make decisions, and provide individualized emotional support. Your divorce coach cannot be your mediator and does not work with both parties.

Parenting Support Services: Custody issues can be some of the most difficult aspects of a divorce, and often increases the conflict between the parties as well as the emotional toll of the process. Johnson Mediation offers parenting support services including early neutral evaluations, parenting consulting services and parenting time expeditor services to help families find their way forward.

Post-Divorce Support: When you choose mediation to resolve the terms of your divorce, you will quickly find that the process will be faster and less expensive than a lengthy court battle. After your divorce, you can continue to receive support from Johnson Mediation. Our post-divorce support includes grief recovery as well as support that you can lean on when you need it. This service allows you to process your emotions and finally move forward with your life.

Johnson Mediation understands just how difficult divorce can be and how much of an emotional toll it can take. We offer a wide variety of services that can help you with the logistical, financial and emotional parts of the divorce process. For more information, give us a call at 952-401-7599.