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One of the many advantages of divorce mediation is that it can reduce, if not completely eliminate, the stress of the disagreement and conflict that accumulates between divorcing spouses. Divorce mediators are trained to help couples who are struggling to get along find common ground. When a couple reaches the point of deciding to divorce, they often find that the divorce mediator has helped them resolve many of the issues that have built up between them. A positive outcome is that many divorced couples are able to find a greater degree of health in their relationships after their marriages have ended than at any point during their marriages. When a qualified divorce mediator works with a couple who wants to resolve the issues between them, good things can happen, and Johnson Mediation is well known for exactly that kind of work.

Divorce Coaching

Unfortunately, not all spouses are so willing to compromise. No matter what you try, you may find that your spouse is simply unwilling to cooperate or put much effort at all into resolving the issues in your marriage amicably. In that kind of case, divorce mediation may not work for you, but divorce coaching can. Divorce coaching involves a trained divorce mediator working exclusively with you. In a divorce coaching situation, the divorce mediator is limited legally to working with one spouse.

With the training that the team at Johnson Mediation has and the expertise we lend to our clients, those who seek our divorce coaching services find themselves not only supported, but also informed. We often help by combining our supportive mediation approach with our deep knowledge of the many legal processes that comprise divorce in Minnesota. That combination can be especially important when it comes time to make inevitable and difficult decisions pertaining to such matters as child custody and/or visitation schedules.

Experienced Divorce Coach in Minnesota

Even couples who have great difficulty finding agreement after divorce have to work with each other. A divorce coach can provide insight and options about how to use the law to your advantage, all while maintaining your well-being and preparing for the next chapters of your life. Moving on from divorce can be a positive experience, but while you are going through it, it may not always seem that way. Johnson Mediation can provide the benefit of our experience, which can help you move forward with your life.

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