Spousal Support Mediation

Spousal maintenanceIf you are considering mediation as a way to settle your divorce, you may wonder how the process works with the most complex, difficult and emotionally charged issues like the determination of spousal support. After all, in the weeks and months heading into a divorce, conflict can be extremely high and you and your divorcing spouse may not be able to agree on anything at all. Mediation is a cost effective and efficient way to settle all aspects of a divorce, including the determination of spousal support. Johnson Mediation understands the complex nature of divorce and the emotions that come along with it and will work with you to find workable solutions that will help set a positive tone for your future. We serve individuals and couples in the Chanhassen, Shakopee, Richfield, Bloomington, MN area.

Does Divorce Mediation Work?

Johnson Mediation: Minnesota Divorce MediatorMany divorcing couples are concerned that mediation may not work. They are fearful that their situation may be too difficult or they may not know a lot about mediation. Although some couples are able to be fairly respectful of one another and work together in divorce mediation, this does not mean you should compare yourself to them. More than most, divorces are not this smooth. Due to things that have happened in the past, complex emotions arise and make it extremely difficult to negotiate with one another. If you are experiencing the troubles of not being able to negotiate it will be very beneficial for the two of you to go to a mediator in order to delegate.

Divorce Costs How Much?

Divorce MediatorDivorce can be extremely costly and a lot of times, that fact alone creates tension and a prolonged process. When you and your partner have came to the point in your relationship and have decided it is best to part ways, it is important to understand your options. As many people think that hiring an attorney and going into litigation is the only option, this is in fact not and is also the more costly option.

According to national statistical averages, the average cost of divorce when hiring a lawyer and going to litigation is $30,000 compared to $5000 when you choose to settle your divorce through mediation instead.

Spousal Support

alimonySpousal support is a financial agreement reached either by a court proceeding or by mutual consent of the couple in the process of divorce. In the latter case, mutual consent generally occurs when a divorcing couple works with a divorce mediator, like our staff at Johnson Mediation. More and more couples are choosing divorce mediation instead of the more traditional approach of working through the court system with lawyers representing each person. The court system tends to be more expensive and time-consuming, and much less convenient for the people seeking divorce and resolution about issues of spousal and/or child support payments. If you and your spouse are able to work together, these issues may well become simpler to resolve.

Child Support Attorney

Child Support MediationWhen it is clear that you and your spouse have no choice but to divorce, you may assume that hiring a divorce attorney is the next logical step. Litigation has been the traditional method for settling a divorce for those all around the country for many years. However, for many couples, there is another viable option that can keep the divorce proceedings from costing you a fortune and taking months (or longer) before you and your divorcing spouse can move forward. Divorce mediation is a highly effective alternative to the court system that allows you to settle all aspects of a divorce including child/spousal support payments, division of property and even child custody issues. The team at Johnson Mediation offers family focused and affordable divorce mediation services to couples in Chanhassen, Bloomington and Richfield, MN.