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Johnson Mediation: Minnesota Divorce MediatorMany divorcing couples are concerned that mediation may not work. They are fearful that their situation may be too difficult or they may not know a lot about mediation. Although some couples are able to be fairly respectful of one another and work together in divorce mediation, this does not mean you should compare yourself to them. More than most, divorces are not this smooth. Due to things that have happened in the past, complex emotions arise and make it extremely difficult to negotiate with one another. If you are experiencing the troubles of not being able to negotiate it will be very beneficial for the two of you to go to a mediator in order to delegate.

Divorce Mediators Responsibility

As a mediator, the job is to assist people in putting their emotions aside and focus on the relevant issues. My job it to keep you on track and accomplish a productive conversation. If the two of you can not keep on track during important conversations, this is unproductive and guidance may be necessary. When you work with Johnson mediation, there will be no judgement or criticism during these meetings, his goal is to treat each party with respect and guide you two to resolve important issues.

With his professional and foremost personal experience, he has learned that both emotions and conflicts tend to diminish through the course of our work together. Professional guidance is often a key factor of success. As you progress through the process, you will likely come to understand why mediation is so successful at alleviating some of the non-monetary transactional costs of divorce.

How is mediation beneficial over litigation?

Mediation is beneficial in many ways. It allows couples to discuss important issues in a safe and constructive environment, and enables couples to move through tough discussions and make decisions. Many couples that decide to take their case to court report that they felt unsatisfied with the results because they were not decided upon by them, but rather the judge and attorneys will make your personal decisions for you. Furthermore, mediation is a quick process compared to court. Although each couple is different and some decisions and processes take longer than others, on average mediation takes about 1/4th the time court takes and is far less expensive.

All mediators are different, and although they do not make any decisions they do impact the process of your divorce and therefore you want to work with someone with years of experience and that is able to be a mutual help to the couple. Oftentimes, divorces are difficult and it takes time to get through discussions.

When you are looking for a trusted divorce mediator in Minnesota, look no further than Jeff Johnson and his team to discuss our comprehensive divorce mediation services. As you can see, we offer a wide array of support services to divorcing couples. We have amazing reviews and are here to make sure that the process is as smooth as possible, and we help you achieve a divorce that is both cost effective and amicable for all parties involved.