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Divorce MediatorDivorce can be extremely costly and a lot of times, that fact alone creates tension and a prolonged process. When you and your partner have came to the point in your relationship and have decided it is best to part ways, it is important to understand your options. As many people think that hiring an attorney and going into litigation is the only option, this is in fact not and is also the more costly option.

According to national statistical averages, the average cost of divorce when hiring a lawyer and going to litigation is $30,000 compared to $5000 when you choose to settle your divorce through mediation instead. Another intimidating factor about going into litigation is that sometimes both parties cannot afford to hire a good attorney. If you decide to try your case in court, if one party has a better attorney than the other, they may be able to skew the case in one person’s favor despite the the actual facts and issues of your particular circumstance.

Divorce Mediation Is Cheaper And Takes Less Time

Choosing mediation is a great option for almost all couples. Although this can take a few sessions of mediation, both parties usually can come together to compromise and create solutions that will lead to a fairer result and will be beneficial to each person. Despite the time it may take parties come to a conclusion which is fair and just and almost always is far cheaper than going to trial.

Not only is mediation a great option, but the majority of Minnesota judges encourage couples to go through divorce mediation. The reason they encourage you to do this is because they would prefer for both party to work together to make decisions for themselves that they seem more fit rather than the judge to make the decisions for them. This usually leads one party feeling as if the ruling is unfair and continuous problems between the couples in the future.

Affordable Divorce Options

When you are seeking to have a divorce that is more economical for both members and also creates healthy boundaries because it results in compromise, then mediation could be the right choice for you. If you’re ready to take the next step towards a divorce, it’s critical that you enlist the help of a reputable mediator like Jeff Johnson who specializes in divorce mediation to walk you through the process of divorce.

At Johnson Mediation, we think of ourselves as divorce specialists. It is our job to provide the most efficient level of service, and create a comfortable environment for our clients. As many people believe that divorces are difficult and have to be drawn out, it is our experience that this is often not the case. Give us a call today and allow us to help you make this process as smooth and as economical as possible.