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Co-Parenting Resources And SupportCo-parenting after a divorce is a huge adjustment for the entire family (parents and children). In fact, differing parenting styles may have contributed to the reasons you decided to divorce, so it makes sense that this new process of co-parenting from two different households can be a challenge (to say the least). It is important to remember, however, that you and your ex likely have the best interests of your children in mind, even if your approach is vastly different. Johnson Mediation offers highly effective co-parenting resources and support for families at every stage of the divorce process.

Co-Parenting During And After Divorce

Mediation is an excellent way to resolve conflict between you and your ex about current and emotionally charged co-parenting issues. Perhaps you are in conflict about whether your kids should get their first cell phone, or what kinds of extracurricular activities are appropriate. Or maybe you have concerns about issues of discipline, education, medical care or finances. These issues can be difficult to navigate on your own but may not rise to the level of taking the issue to court. The fact is that mediation is a much more productive and cost-effective way to manage differences in perspective when it comes to co-parenting. Mediation allows you to find common ground and resolve issues quickly, without spending time and money on litigation. In fact, in Minnesota, the court system will encourage you to use mediation for these types of issues as the court system is backed up and simply cannot accommodate all issues of co-parenting.

In addition to post-divorce mediation services that can help resolve issues of co-parenting, we also offer other services that are helping for the co-parenting process. Our divorce coaching services provide you with individual support during and after the divorce process and can focus on things like strategies for effective non-emotional communication, helping you make decisions about parenting and family interactions, and how to frame your outlook for life after divorce. We also offer parenting consulting services as well as parenting time expeditor services, which are individuals appointed by the court to help couples find solutions to the most difficult conflict.

Mediation And Co-Parenting Support Services In Minnesota

Johnson Mediation understands the difficulty of divorce and how that can carry over after divorce when it comes to co-parenting. As much as you may want to be finished with communicating with your ex, if you share children, this communication will not end, it will just take on a new look. Putting some time and resources into helping Our staff can help you – call us at 952-401-7599 for a free consultation.