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Post Divorce Counseling and Support ServicesEveryone reacts somewhat differently to a divorce situation. Divorced parents with minor children will most likely remain connected in some fashion as they work together to raise, nurture and care for he needs of each child. Post-divorce disagreements can escalate and cause harm to the children if each party is not willing or able to put aside resentments towards the ex-partner and put the needs of the child first. Johnson Mediation provides couples with helpful tools and support services to resolve parenting conflicts or emotional issues that may arise while moving on after divorce. Post-Divorce counseling services at Johnson Mediation are provided by a professional mediator with experience in grief recovery solutions and mediating changes to divorce agreements.

Benefits of Post-Divorce Counseling

For some people, the loss of a marriage can be as emotionally devastating as the loss of a loved one. Transitioning to a new routine without the financial or emotional support of a spouse is sometimes more difficult than expected. Post-divorce counseling can be very beneficial for creating new boundaries, grieving a lost partnership, managing life as a newly-single parent and coping with the new normal. Johnson Mediation provides support services for many post divorce challenges.

Divorce Settlement Agreement Changes

Unforeseen circumstances that come up after finalizing a divorce may require a change to your divorce agreement. For many divorced couples, the thought of confronting or even communicating with an ex can be difficult and emotionally draining. Johnson Mediation can assist with conflict resolution and coming up with sound solutions that benefit both parties. Issues related to parenting time or financial support can be especially sensitive in nature and difficult to resolve without the assistance of a neutral mediator.

Reasons to Alter a Divorce Settlement

Some of the most common reasons for altering a divorce settlement agreement post-divorce involve children or spousal support. Most Minnesota judges would prefer that couples utilize the assistance of a skilled mediator to work out differences together, outside of court. The mediation process is usually less stressful or adversarial for both parties in the agreement.

• Child Support Agreements are most frequently altered when one parent loses a job or becomes responsible for another child.

• Parenting Time Plans are sometimes changed when a parent becomes incapable of caring for the child due to incarceration, addiction, illness or relocating to another state.

• Spousal Maintenance Agreements could be modified if the individual receiving the alimony payments begins to earn a significantly higher income.

• Mistake Made in Court Process could result in an appeal and possible alteration to the divorce agreement.

Post Divorce Counseling and Support Services

If you are experiencing emotional or other challenges due to divorce and could benefit from professional counseling and support services, reach out to Johnson Mediation. We provide post-divorce grief counseling to help you adapt to the changes in your life. Mediation services are available to assist with modifications to a divorce settlement agreement when circumstances warrant a change.

Contact Johnson Mediation for mediation and post-divorce counseling services at: (952) 401-7599. Evening or Weekend Appointments are available for your convenience.