Divorce Mediator Minnetonka, Minnesota

Divorce MediatorAre you and your spouse facing a divorce? Litigation, also known as a court battle, can be extremely expensive both financially and emotionally. Mediation is an excellent and even preferred alternative to litigation that can save you money, time and stress. A trained and experienced divorce mediator serves as a neutral third party and can help you and your divorcing spouse find solutions to the many difficult issues faced in a divorce settlement. A divorce mediator does not make decisions for you – you and your spouse are empowered to make these important decisions. A mediator helps by facilitating an open, positive and productive discussion that can yield solutions that work for all involved.

Mediation for Divorcing Couples in Minnetonka

Mediation for Divorcing Couples in MinnetonkaJohnson Mediation provides strong and effective mediation for divorcing couples. Our team brings to each case decades of experience, expertise in Minnesota divorce law, and compassion for the people with whom we work. Though divorce rates have leveled off in the last ten to twenty years, it is still a frequent occurrence in our society and affects more than fifty percent of all married couples. If you are in the process of seeking a divorce, mediation can be a great way to solve complex issues like division of property, development of a parenting plan and determination of child and/or spousal support.

Parenting Time Expeditor Minnetonka, Minnesota

Parenting Time Expeditor Minnetonka, MinnesotaParenting Time can be a contentious issue in divorce. If parenting time is mediated by a team like Johnson Mediation, you may find yourself feeling a sense of relief you did not know was possible during and after your divorce. The role of a parenting time expeditor is to help you and your divorcing spouse find the right balance of time spent with your children. Johnson Mediation’s approach to parenting time has helped many clients, and we are confident that it will help you.

Divorce is difficult. And when you have children, divorce is potentially devastatingly hard. Children are vulnerable to the emotional stress that accompanies the major change that divorce brings.