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Parenting Time Support Services In 2022Of all of the issues to resolve as part of your divorce, deciding how your children will split their time between parents is likely the most challenging. When you are all living under one roof, you are used to being part of every moment, every bedtime, every day of school, every small decision. When you and your spouse separate and begin the divorce process, this family dynamic shifts dramatically and can take an emotional toll on your entire family. Divorce mediation is an excellent way to determine a custody agreement and/or parenting plan. Johnson Mediation offers high quality, efficient and affordable divorce mediation services in addition to other parenting time support services like parenting consulting, parenting time expeditor services, divorce coaching and early neutral evaluations to help families make the best possible decisions about custody.

Resolve Issues About Parenting Time And Child Custody

Very often during a divorce two parties may not be able to agree on the best way to divide time between the parents. A parenting consultant can be assigned by the court system to help families navigate and negotiate issues like Parenting Time (or visitation), discipline and parenting style, schedules, school placement, and decisions about extra-curricular activities. A parenting consultant can decide the issue(s) and make this recommendation to the court. A parenting time expeditor focuses specifically on issues of parenting time – and helps you make a decision. If you cannot achieve a decision, this individual will also make a decision based on the information gathered. A parenting time expeditor can be appointed by the court, or you can request this intervention.

Divorce coaching allows you to work 1:1 with an individual who has knowledge of the divorce process and this coach can help you with your specific needs and help you understand your options and make the best possible decisions. Finally, an early neutral evaluation can be recommended for financial issues or custody issues. A social early neutral evaluation focuses strictly on custody issues. It is typically a fast process that includes an attorney and a child specialist.

Experienced Child Custody And Parenting Time Mediator

Johnson Mediation has the experience and expertise to provide parenting consulting services, parenting time expeditor services, divorce coaching and early neutral evaluations in addition to general divorce mediation services. If you have questions or concerns about how you will find a way to resolve issues regarding parenting time and custody, you do not have to engage in a court battle. Give the team at Johnson Mediation a call at 952-401-7599.