Divorce Mediator Minnetonka, Minnesota

Divorce MediatorAre you and your spouse facing a divorce? Litigation, also known as a court battle, can be extremely expensive both financially and emotionally. Mediation is an excellent and even preferred alternative to litigation that can save you money, time and stress. A trained and experienced divorce mediator serves as a neutral third party and can help you and your divorcing spouse find solutions to the many difficult issues faced in a divorce settlement. A divorce mediator does not make decisions for you – you and your spouse are empowered to make these important decisions. A mediator helps by facilitating an open, positive and productive discussion that can yield solutions that work for all involved.

Divorcing Couples May Be Required to Use a Mediator

Divorcing Couples MediatorEvery couple who finds themselves in the process of divorce should pursue the best possible means of finalizing the divorce. At Johnson Mediation, we provide mediation services for divorcing couples. We believe that the evidence of the last several decades indicates that mediation is the single best means of finalizing a divorce for most couples. Infact, the court in Minnesota may require the two parents to agree to mediate any disputes regarding joint physical custody before bringing a custody dispute back to court. Before you determine that mediated divorce is the right choice for you, we want you to understand how the divorce mediation process works.

Divorce Mediation Limits Conflict

Divorce Mediation Limits ConflictMediation is defined as an intervention in a dispute with the goal of promoting reconciliation, compromise or a settlement. When you and your spouse decide to divorce, there is often a baseline of high conflict. Divorce mediation is designed to actually resolve and reduce this conflict – rather than to exacerbate it, or make it worse. Settling a divorce through the traditional court system can have the exact opposite effect, increasing the overall conflict between the two parties. If you are looking for a way to settle your divorce in a way that puts you and your family first, divorce mediation is an avenue to consider. Johnson Mediation specializes in divorce mediation and can help you navigate the entire divorce process, from start to finish. We will help you get through it, find closure and even a bit of hope for the future.

Complicated Divorce Attorney Victoria, MN

Divorce Mediation Free ConsultationNearly every single divorce has its share of complicating factors. When you attempt to divide important aspects of your life, your property and custody of your children, nothing is simple. Hiring a divorce attorney and going through the traditional court system can further complicate the issues and increase the overall conflict between you and your divorcing spouse. Divorce mediation is an alternative to proceeding through the court to settle important aspects of your divorce and offers couples a way to take control over the end of their marriage. Mediation can also lay a strong foundation for more positive communication and co-parenting after a divorce is final. Johnson Mediation specializes in helping couples through even the most complex situations so that they can move forward in a healthy way.

Male Preferred Divorce Mediation

Male Prefered Divorce MediationJust as is often the case when choosing a physician or dentist, some people connect better with a male mediator or a female mediator to resolve divorce issues. Divorce mediation has become more popular in recent years as a way to work through complex divorce issues without the conflict, time, stress and cost of traditional divorce litigation. For male preferred divorce mediation services, Jeff Johnson of Johnson Mediation is highly qualified as an experienced divorce mediator. Comprehensive divorce mediation services can assist with a wide range of issues that may come up during or after the divorce process. Your mediation sessions could cover topics including child support, division of assets, spousal support and parenting plans.

Mediator for Divorcing Couples Tonka Bay, MN

Divorcing Couples Mediator The benefits of choosing divorce mediation are becoming better known. Many divorcing couples seeking divorce and preferring to avoid the higher cost, lesser control, and greater adversarial nature of court-based processes. When divorcing couples partner with the team at Johnson Mediation, they typically find that the experience is far less difficult than they had anticipated. Keep in mind that Johnson Mediation does not contend that mediated divorce is free of pain—divorce is almost always difficult and painful, but Johnson Mediation can mitigate the impact of those things helping couples find common ground and a positive way forward.