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Will Divorce Mediation Work For My Complicated DivorceOne of the most common questions or concerns that we hear about related to divorce mediation is about whether it is a tool that can be successful for a very complicated divorce. While every relationship and every divorce is unique, the team at Johnson Mediation can say, with certainty, that divorce mediation CAN work for a very complicated divorce case. Mediation can be ideal for even the most complicated cases, allowing participants to consult with the very same experts that may be used in litigation. You are allowed to work with appraisers, attorneys, accountants, financial planners, and others during the mediation process. However, divorce mediation draws upon principles of cooperation, collaboration and can actually reduce the conflict between you and your ex.

Mediation Vs. Litigation For A Complex Divorce Case?

The keys to successful divorce mediation are openness and willingness to resolve the issues at hand. Ultimately, no matter whether you settle your divorce using mediation or litigation, these decisions will be made. The question becomes who makes those decisions. What makes mediation different from litigation is that you are able to have a hand in making these decisions yourself. You and your ex know your family best and ultimately know what solutions will work and what solutions will not. We find that settlements that are formed through mediation have a much better chance of success than settlements determined by a judge. Complicated divorces can be extremely difficult for traditional litigation. Litigation is simply not set up to be able to handle the volume of divorce cases that are scheduled. So, the courts actually encourage all Minnesota couples to attempt divorce mediation before proceeding through the court system.

Divorce Mediation Services In Minnesota

Johnson Mediation specializes in helping families navigate the divorce process with less stress and less of a financial burden on you and your family. Our founder, Jeff Johnson, has been through a very complicated divorce himself and draws on his professional skills and knowledge along with that personal experience to help couples define the issues at hand and work efficiently toward a solution. Jeff and his team will not make these decisions for you but will help guide you through the process, answering questions, offering resources and making sure that you and your ex stay focused on the issues that need to be resolved. Very often this process results in a more positive and productive process that yields results that lay a foundation for a positive future.

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