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Couples Support Counselors

We have resources that work with couples who are married, couples contemplating divorce, couples in divorce litigation and mediation, and couples after divorce. Couples support counselors will work at finding ways to look ahead with hope of a new, yet very different, way of handling situations. These resources will work with the couple to create an atmosphere of mutual respect where they can pinpoint issues, seek areas of agreement, and mutually participate in decision making.

Married couples will focus on understanding their beliefs, feelings, motives, and goals in life. They will explore different ways to deal with problems, behaviors, and situations that cause conflict in the relationship. Married couples who work together, hopeful and committed to strengthening their relationship, can be optimistic about the possibility of a healthy and satisfying life together.

Divorcing couples, experiencing feelings of pain, fear, anger, and grief and loss, are automatically thrown into making difficult decisions about what new life will look like for them and for their children. It is no wonder that conflict arises. Our resources focus on helping couples make parenting time decisions that serve the children’s best interest and help them find ways to enhance their co-parenting relationship and reduce conflict. Divorce is not an event, but rather a legal and emotional process that a divorcing couple must go through.