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Divorce Support for Individuals

Divorce Support Counselors also work with individuals who may not have the opportunity or ability to work together with their co-parenting partner. Even when one person may not want to, or be able to, move out of the cycle of conflict, it is important for the other person to continue on a path of resolving conflict and grief. This will provide an environment of hope over hostility, cooperation over control, and acceptance over animosity. Counselors will work with you on the emotional triggers that keep the cycle of grief and conflict going. Although there are specific behaviors that cause pain and anger in a divorce, they will approach healing with an emphasis on the purpose of behaviors rather than the cause. The emphasis is on the individual becoming aware of their own actions, rather than focusing on the actions of the other person. All individuals have the opportunity to make choices that can diminish the level of conflict and provide a groundwork for a positive future.