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Why Minnesota Courts Encourage Divorce Mediation You may be surprised to learn that the Minnesota court system encourages couples who are going through a divorce to try divorce mediation before going through the traditional court system to settle. In fact, nearly all divorce cases can be settled outside of the litigation process. This includes fairly and equitably dividing joint assets, debts, and property, developing a child custody agreement (and/or a parenting agreement) and determining whether or not spousal or child support is necessary in your case. Here are some of the reasons why the court system strongly encourages couples to try mediation first:

1. Ease of scheduling: Especially since COVID, the courts have been backed up with many complicated divorce cases. It can take months (or longer) to schedule a court date and you must work around the schedules of the court as well as both divorce attorneys. The Minnesota courts cannot possibly manage all of the divorce cases in the state as well as other domestic issues that come through the system. Encouraging couples to start with mediation helps the clogged court system as well as the couples.
2. Benefits for the couple: Mediation offers many important benefits for couples and families. First, as noted above, mediation will take only a fraction of the time to complete than a court battle. You can expect to complete the process and have a divorce agreement in hand in a matter of weeks, rather than months (or longer). In addition, mediation is far less expensive than litigation and can reduce the overall conflict between you and your ex. Finally, conflict does not disappear when divorce papers are signed so mediation is also ideal for resolving issues after a divorce is final, rather than having to go through the court system for an amendment to your agreement.
3. Better long-term results: When you have a mediated divorce, you and your ex are empowered to make decisions about your future, rather than leaving those major decisions in the hands of a judge. Your mediator will facilitate the discussion, but you will be responsible for the resolution. As a result, mediation agreements often have a much better chance of long-term success.

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