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Why Are Divorce Rates DownWe have all probably heard the familiar phrase “nearly ½ of all marriages end in divorce.” The truth is,however, this may no longer be the case. In fact, the divorce rate has been declining in the last several years and is currently hovering around 39-40%. There are many reasons for this trend, and over the last year, the pandemic has likely pushed these numbers down even further. Are couples staying together because they are happier? This is unlikely. Here are some of the reasons why the divorce rate is declining:

Average age of marriage is higher: Living together before marriage is very common these days and that may be pushing the average age of marriage up from the mid-twenties to late twenties to early thirties. What does this mean? Well, there is more time to be sure that the relationship is a lasting one. So, some of the relationships that would have ended in divorce may be ending before the couple even ties the knot. Splitting up on your own terms before you are married is much less expensive than a divorce.

Financial issues: Couples may be delaying their weddings because they want to be on more solid financial footing before making that commitment. This financial security is more difficult to find these days which may be deterring some couples from getting married. On the flip side, couples who are married may delay divorce because of financial concerns. Divorce can be extremely expensive, especially if you proceed through the court system.

Pandemic factors: 2020-2021 have been remarkable years for many reasons. Covid-19 has changed the way we live, at least for the time being. This has caused many couples to decide to put off their divorce until things return to normal. This is likely due in part to the financial factors referenced above as well as perceived logistical barriers.

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Sadly, data suggests that even though divorce rates may be lower, this does not mean that couples are happier. If you are suffering in your marriage or have decided that it is time to move forward with your divorce, you do have affordable options for settling the terms of your divorce. Mediation allows you to settle issues like child custody and parenting time, division of joint property and whether child or spousal support is necessary without going through the court system and paying high legal fees. Johnson Mediation continues to complete mediation sessions even during the pandemic and can even complete the entire process virtually if you prefer. For more information or to schedule a time for a free consultation, call us at 952-401-7599.