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What is a Parenting Consultant?The impact of divorce on children is significant. In the midst of the divorce process, it can be difficult to keep your focus on the best interest of your children, given the intense emotional conflict between you and your spouse. A parenting consultant can help you with a wide variety of issues including resolving disagreements about the time the kids spend with each parent, major decisions about education, schedules, healthcare, differences in parenting styles and disciplinary approaches and other issues that are unique to your family. Johnson Mediation offers Parenting Consulting Services to those in the Chanhassen, MN area.

Benefits of Using a Parenting Consultant

A parenting consultant can be appointed by the court once parents identify a parenting consultant that they want to work with. If parents are not able to identify a parenting consultant, one can be appointed directly by the courts. A parenting consultant does not generally address issues surrounding custody or finances and does not attempt to teach one/both parties how to parent better. The primary goal of a parenting consultant is to help your family transition to life after a divorce, while ensuring that your children are put first in the process.  A parenting consultant helps you solve the problems that come up as you transition from a family living under the same roof to a family living in two different households.

Parenting Consultant Process

Johnson Mediation’s parenting consultant focuses on empowering parents to collaborate, to compromise and to communicate. We use a contract based agreement which generally allows the parties to use mediation first to settle a dispute. If this does not work, the Parenting Consultant makes the decision and both individuals agree to allow this decision to stand. If one party disagrees with the recommendation of the parenting consultant, he/she is still allowed to take the issue to the court, as a last resort.

Minnesota Parenting Consultant Services

Johnson Mediation has extensive experience with parenting consultant services as well as comprehensive divorce mediation services. Our team understands how difficult divorce can be for all members of a family and the toll it can take. A parenting consultant can offer you the guidance and support you need to navigate this time more successfully. If you have questions about the parenting consultant process or would like to learn more about whether it might be a useful service for your family, call us at 952-401-7599.