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Understanding Personal Dynamics And The Law To Settle Divorce Not that long ago, when we simplified things into male and female ways of understanding and interacting with the world, conventional wisdom said that it was a male trait to contribute verbally and non-verbally to conversations to solve problems, and that it was a female trait to offer reassurances that they were listening and trying to understand. It is an overly simplistic description of human interaction for sure, and we know now that the male-female dichotomy is not complete. However, there is value in the idea that in every human interaction, there is a desire to be understood. One of the most important goals for the team at Johnson Mediation is to find that understanding between two individuals.

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For couples who come to us for assistance in settling their divorces, we work hard to understand their concerns and the unique dynamics that characterize their relationships. Wherever our clients find themselves on the spectrum of human interaction–with the historically male characteristics of problem solving on one end and the historically female characteristics of providing support at the other end–Johnson Mediation is known for working hard to communicate understanding of the subtleties and nuances of the couple’s relationship. This makes for an ideal starting point for working through complex problems and resolving conflicts.

In addition to understanding the importance of clear and effective communication between parties, we also understand Minnesota divorce law. It is one thing to communicate care and empathy to couples who seek the help of a divorce mediation service, but if that service does not also have expertise in divorce law, that care and empathy will not go very far. When we interact with couples who have decided to get divorced, we always work to demonstrate that we care about them as individuals and that we will work hard to help them resolve the issues that exist between them. Caring, compassion, and understanding must be accompanied by the ability to communicate how the divorcing couple’s dynamic works in the context of Minnesota divorce law. Being honest about the limitations placed on individuals seeking divorce is every bit as essential to the process as communicating care and empathy.

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It may be best to describe the structure of our work as being held up by the twin pillars of understanding, one of which is expressed as empathy for the individuals and the other as understanding of Minnesota divorce law. If you would like a free one-hour consultation with our team, call us at (952) 401-7599.