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Turning to a Qualified Mediator Minnesota Johnson Mediation is an experienced, qualified, and highly respected provider of Mediation services in Minnesota. We have a track record of working with individuals, couples, and families who have come in during an extremely challenging time in their lives and left with new insight and preparation for their lives after divorce. If you and your spouse are considering divorce, consider turning to a qualified mediator in Minnesota. Johnson Mediation can help you navigate the divorce process from start to finish.

Benefits of Mediation for Families

Mediation can help when you know it is necessary for your marriage to come to an end, but do not want to go through the court system to resolve outstanding issues. Some think that only amicable divorces can be resolved using mediation, but the truth is that mediation can be effective for divorces even with high conflict. Divorce mediation tends to cost far less than traditional court-based divorce proceedings. In most mediation sessions, you will work with one professional, whereas in court-based divorces, each spouse is usually represented by an attorney or a team of attorneys. Divorce mediation can often be completed after just a few sessions with your mediator, meaning that the number of billable hours is far smaller when working with a mediator than when working with attorneys.

Mediation can also help when you want the assurance that your children will be as protected as possible from the divorce process. Qualified mediators understand that divorce is a major life event, and it creates difficulty and stress for all who are impacted by it. Children are the most vulnerable of all who are affected by divorce. A qualified divorce mediator like Johnson Mediation has the training, experience, and expertise to help parents address their differences in ways that are of maximum benefit to their children. The mediation process lays a solid foundation for effective co-parenting after divorce.

Mediation can be helpful when the complications of life after divorce set in. Divorce ushers in major change to family members. Qualified divorce mediators can help you manage that change by creating agreements related to child custody, parenting time (perhaps better known as visitation), and by conducting evaluations of financial and social matters.

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The team at Johnson Mediation has helped many people in Minnesota get through one of life’s most difficult and challenging life experiences. We have the professional expertise and experience and we also excel in the area of human compassion and understanding. For more information on how we can help you, call Johnson Mediation at (952) 401-7599.