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Tips For Surviving A Divorce This YearThere is no way to make divorce easy, but there are ways to position yourself so that you can navigate the process successfully, with less overall stress. Here are some tips for actions that you can take now so that you are ready when it is time to navigate the process.

1. Get organized: Use any extra time you have to get organized before the divorce process begins. The only way that you can make sound decisions about how to divide property and determine how your children should divide their time is to have a true sense of your overall picture. This means different things for different families, but it is important to begin to think about your priorities, your goals, a timeline for your divorce, your support system and what your budget will look like once you are divorced and on your own.
2. Think about your finances: In many marriages, one spouse tends to focus on the finances. If this is you, you probably already have a handle on your family’s finances. If this is not you, now is an excellent time to get a handle on your financial state. Consider opening a bank account and credit card in your individual name, run a credit report and make a list of all of your joint assets.
3. Gather documentation: You will need all kinds of personal information including basic personal information including social security numbers for each member of your family, bank account information, tax information, annual salary and verification of your employment, proof of residency, health insurance information and outlines of current child custody arrangements if applicable. Gathering this information will help the process move more quickly.
4. Decide on the process you want to follow: Couples need to decide how they want to settle their divorce – via mediation or litigation. Minnesota courts are now encouraging all couples to try mediation before heading through the court system as it can be less expensive and time consuming.
5. Be flexible: Even though your marriage may have been filled with conflict, try to adopt an open and flexible approach to the divorce process if possible. If you are able to find ways to compromise, the process will be much easier.

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