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The Simple Basics Of Divorce MediationNothing is simple when it comes to a divorce, especially when it comes to emotions and the endless list of logistical issues that must be completed. The divorce mediation process can actually help simply this difficult and complex process for everyone involved. Mediation is based on a collaborative and cooperative approach, reducing overall conflict rather than increasing it. Here are some basic facts about divorce mediation that might help you decide whether it is the right process for your situation:

1. Benefits of divorce mediation: Mediation is confidential, highly effective and costs significantly less than litigation. Mediation can also facilitate a positive and productive relationship between you and your spouse after divorce, which is particularly important when you share custody of your children. Mediation can also be completed in much less time than a court battle.
2. Choosing a mediator: Choosing a mediator is an important part of the process. It is important to find someone who you can communicate openly with and with whom you and your ex can build a strong working relationship (and eventually trust). You may want to ask for recommendations from friends and family, look online for recommendations and then consider interviewing several mediators before you decide.
3. Overview of the divorce mediation process: Once you have decided on a mediator, you will discuss the specifics of the process with your mediator and your ex. You can decide whether to complete the process in person or virtually and schedule your mediation sessions at times that are convenient for you. You should expect to be able to settle the terms of your divorce in three or four 2-3 hour mediation sessions.
4. Expectations during the mediation process: It is important to understand that your mediator will not make decisions related to your divorce settlement but will empower you to do so. You and your ex know your situation best, and you are best positioned to decide how to divide your property, develop a parenting plan and decide if spousal support is necessary. Your mediator will facilitate discussion about these issues so that you can make these decisions.
5. Reasons your situation might not be ideal for mediation: Most divorce cases can be settled using mediation, even if conflict is high. However, if you have experienced domestic violence in your marriage or if you believe your spouse is hiding assets or lying about finances, you may want to consider litigation instead.

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