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Successful Divorce MediationWhen you go through a divorce it is natural to have feelings of sadness and even failure. After all, divorce is acknowledgement that your marriage did not work. Rather than focus on these intense feelings of sadness, anger and even failure, you still have the opportunity to find a positive way to end your divorce. Divorce mediation allows you and your soon to be ex-spouse to settle the important terms in a positive and productive way. Johnson Mediation can help guide you through a successful divorce mediation process so that you can begin to focus on your future, rather than your past.

Some important components of a successful mediation process include:

  1. Find a divorce mediator that understands your needs: Finding a competent, experienced divorce mediator that understands your goals can go a long way to helping you have a positive and productive experience. Your divorce mediator will not make the decisions in your case, but he/she will empower you and your ex-spouse do so. To find a good fit, you should do online research, set up meetings with several mediators and make sure that they have appropriate qualifications.
  2. Be willing to compromise: The cornerstone of mediation is compromise. This is what separates divorce mediation from litigation. Successful divorce mediation relies on both you and your ex to come to the table willing to give and take.
  3. Put your children first: Your children did not ask for a divorce and will be impacted by it as much as you and your partner. Putting your kids first throughout the divorce process leads to a more positive mediation experience.
  4. Be open and honest in your communication: The only way that mediation can be successful is if you and your ex can communicate openly and honestly as you make decisions about dividing your property, developing a parenting plan (also known as a custody agreement) and determining whether child and/or spousal support is necessary.
  5. Be prepared: Make sure that you gather your financial documents ahead of your mediation session so that the process can move smoothly and efficiently.

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Johnson Mediation specializes in comprehensive divorce mediation services. Our team can help you navigate this process successfully so that your family can move forward in a healthy way. We understand the details about Minnesota law and have more than a decade of experience with divorce mediation. For more information or to speak with our team, call Jeff Johnson at 952-401-7599.